War dragons welcome mail

I suggest War Dragons send the code-of-conduct alongside the welcome mail which is sent to new players…will help the players improve their discipline when playing the game by following the rules which the code-of-conduct states


I mean they could, but let’s be fair, about as many people check the code of conduct as they do the ToS and Privacy Policy when first getting a game… that being 0.1% lol


I do agree with you…but it’s important to bring about a change for players who have no good mannerisms

If a person has 0 manners, I highly doubt him reading a little automatic robot sent message going “hey plz be nice kthx” will change how he acts. If anything, it’ll encourage him to be a bigger nuisance.

I agree…I guess you just have to go with the flow

I mean, it wouldn’t take much extra work to implement “welcome mail”, but it might just not work as intended (or not at all.)

Thumbs up…