War Event That includes points for defense

Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragons!

Everyone is encouraged to build strong bases, to stop enemy from getting through, an also to help the defenders defend your base an stop attackers from beating your base.
In these war events there is no encouragement to defenders to defend.
If the base was finished before one attacker was done all the energy an boost he/she used gets returned; but nothing gets returned to the defenders.
If defenders were successful there is no boost given to them.
I jus think in wars we expect everyone to be involved an defend, well same goes in events.
So extra points should be given when there are successful defense

Sounds like hours of watching your phone for defense banners to pop.

Been there, done that, glad it’s gone. No thanks :+1:t3:


I like the idea of earning personal points from this but no team points. Maybe bonus prizes of a few IF/Energy Packs.


Or a successful defence in pvp events gives the defender 5 repair hammers (and a billion 1hr timers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Defences? Screw that. It was bad with wars & bad enough with quests.

Thanks but no thanks.

In events if someone successfully defends an event attack they have essentially saved the teams position.

In this event when I successfully defend an attacker I have slowed down their progress taking something form us and gave my team more time to cut off their advances.

In the last PvP event, iirc, the team that defeated the one they were matched up against first gained a portion of that teams points that determined the team ranking

It seems incentive is already there to defend. I understand I might have missed something the OP is intending.

I woulda agree to this if the other side (Attacker) will get x3 or higher of the base points after winning the attack. [this is for normal attacks only]


Very rarely do you win a defense battle in these events, an defense battles are going away in wars , they won’t be won by defense anymore, so you can build a strong base, but a stronger dragon will be made to destroy that base. Seems all a moot discussion, besides most players won’t support the theory. It is a team event so better teams will crush weaker teams regardless on how much they try to defend. Points are given on the attack, not on the defense, always have been that way an will not change. The strength is in the power of offense not Defense.


I think you should be able to get energy if you defend a player who uses a mega and they fail you should get 4 energy. It was be an awesome way to gain enough for a mega or super attack just for defending. It would allow us to get the darn 4 energy to do a super without spending.

I defended like 100 times during last pvp and All i got out of it was a single 10 defense quest. I wish there was some sort of recognition my leader would get to see the other things we do for the team besides points. like how many points we help save.

I’m just picturing an event where nobody attacks; everybody is waiting for defenses to get freebies. Sounds like fun!

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