War Flames and inactive players

We constantly get beat at wars due to teams having 20 or more players who automatically earn flames even though they are completely inactive. I feel like a team shouldn’t get any flames until the player battles in the war. Both teams should start with zero flames.


Care to elaborate? War flames and inactive players? Do you have a specific question or concern on this?

Inactive players cannot be hit. But inactive players are also booted if that didn’t get broken again.

I think someone recently posted they were getting messages about not being able to attack inactive players for higher leagues which seems like a definite bug.

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Can you elaborate?

I was trying to elaborate lol

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Hes short players losing points to no showers tht dont hit in war which he loses due to being short players and flames 40-20. Team a has 40 20 dont do war hit as he has 20 and all his hit and he loses cuz of added flames

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Exactly. The other team may have 18 teams at level 10 or below that. Clearly don’t even play the game.

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Claimed inactive cuz missed wars. But probaby alts just chillin or new folks that just left

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We have a small team of 16 players but every player participated in every war.

This sounds like you don’t have a full team of 50 players. Is that true?

Confirmed before I finished posting.

Let me also ask what league you are in

If you are just talking about teams that aren’t full, then it’s not an inactive player issue.

How it works is that you have 50 slots for players and each player less than 50 gives your opponent 5 flames.

While this can be frustrating for teams who haven’t gathered a full 50 players, its for a good reason. Specifically without this, a single large player could basically be a team of 1 and declare on you. You would never get his base because it’s too hard, and he could get any one player on your team for 5 flames easily. If you manage to get him you likely will give away more than 1 defend and he will win for doing very little.

It’s a lesser of two evils. There is a way to grow your team, but it does require putting a high priority on 50 players. (More so than flames or defends)

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It hurts teams to have less players i minuses 5 from 5 per shortage

I can understand that. Why can’t wars only be declared on same amount of players then? Wouldn’t that fix the one big player issue

Oh, and we are now in Gold III angry Amaroks

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I want to see 30 player teams. Not 50.


Could only hypothesize . There are a lot of ways to skin this cat. I suspect it’s mostly that what they did was simple and most people had little trouble dealing with it.

If you are in a low league just spam invite recruit constantly. You don’t need to be full, but your first goal is to have more teammates than your opponent.

Once you achieve a full team you want to work on replacing those teammates with teammates who are active and understand how Wars work. This will take a while usually.

Almost everyone keeps it used some alts to fill a player or two in a pinch.

Once you have this, it becomes about better bases, better dragons, and better flying until you can consistently get 250 flames.

And once you get there you work on reducing defends.

Now all of this changes with the new system just announced. The 7 flame system will possibly even make this problem better for teams in your situation…

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Thank you for your help!

Yes and no missed players offer 7 points instead of 5 which it should be even tho they said it was bonus flames

Maybe that will help us


It wont unless they change it back to 5 atleast u would be able to make up 2flames per person if they kept that at 5