War Flames Erased!

I know this problem has been talked about but can’t find thread. My team just lost a war (?) but 20 hrs in several of us ‘lost’ the flames we racked up early . Is the issue being addressed or are we supposed to just live with it?

Never heard of this. I’d suggest raising a ticket - not going to get much help here. Hope you have screenshots to prove this also.

Had this happen a bunch. Never gotten a satisfactory response from pg.

For a while it was believed it was caused by people leaving the team and then someone who hadn’t done their war attacking the person who left the team, but a few of us ran tests and never managed to make it happen.

I have also had it happen when no changes in teammates occurred.

I suspect it’s just a rolled back transaction that occurs when Your War hit would have registered.

Support ticket is about all I know that we can do. And they have been no help for me. Maybe if you recorded a video including a before and after. Or maybe screenshots.

I’ve just incorporated double checking 10 min after and then the next morning for everyone.

This happened to my team at the beginning of the season. A teammate did his attack, got 5 flames and checked to make sure it counted and then logged off. His flames got removed and we ended up losing that war because it said his target never got attacked by anyone

So I need to document the problem and then a ticket…

That’s probably best if you are hoping for them to do anything. There is no guarantee you will get any results though.

It’s not uncommon.
Has happened to my team several times & have known happen to lots of others.

For some reason or another I’ve seen flames just disappear after showing up. Also have seen them just never register (Not because of multiple attacks on same base, not loss of connection either)
Has been happening for awhile! Not everyone always throughly checks so yeah would be very nice if they would fix this!

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