War hackers! What to do!


Hi, I think my team is being hacked! What do I do? Another team [team name removed] has attacked us multiple times in a war! They will quit an attack without getting any flames and still get points for it . How do we deal with these bullies? Any advice?


If you have proof,ie. video form or pictures, submit a ticket into pgs hell (errr) help desk and make sure to not post anything discriminatory in forums or they’ll close the thread.


And if you do so, get prepared that they do nothing, like Come on they are just cheaters :slight_smile:


Any chance they launch 2 attacks:

Player A hits a base, draws defenders
10 seconds later player B hits same base draws no defenders
Player A quits
Player B finishes battle


Or the tried and tested:

Player A leads and player B backs.
Player A dies and player B continues
Player A quits run and attacks again. Gets 5 flames.


Or they may be going in with backup, getting a defender and the main attacker quits and then attacks again while the backup is going. Defenders get stuck in the first attack


To the OP, may I ask what league are you in?


Gold 2


Is OP certain the attack (s) is describing is the one granting the flames or that they are not doing a second attack behind the initial attack?

It really is not that uncommon.


Has this been solved? :dragon_face:


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