War inactive players



hello everyone yesterday we had war against Japanese team fujinxxxraijin sapphire 1 league! One of their players was level 31 and was inactive or banned ! According to this me and my teammates were not able to attack him because the game did not allowed us !
This stuff should be deleted as soon as possible ! It s a sort of cheat because they did 250 flames and we did 245 ( we were winning for defense by far) !
Please PG take this bug in consideration !!! Also support should do something for it ! Our Italian support said that they could not do anything for it ! IT S INSANE !!! We stayed awake for 48 h in the way to win the war and we risk to lose it for a stupid game error
Thank you
Reign of Fire :fire:


Wow, I thought this would be fixed by the autokick function being fixed. That sucks.


Did you put in a ticket?


Yes I did ! But Italian support is not so efficient! Anyway other players in our league gently opened a ticker as well ! They could have been damage as well


We thought that inactive player are not online 17h :joy::joy::joy:he did …


What is the ticket # so @PGJared and co can look at it?


A friend of us has opened this ticket #1343571yesterday she is English and speaks better then us! Anyway our players opened a lot of ticket


Opening tickets will not hey this resolved. It’s just the way it works. All they are going to tell you is recruit to get 50 players so it doesn’t happen again…


I’m missing something.
How have they been able to get 250 flammes with only 49 active players?
To get 250 flammes the need to have 50 attackers, or the defending team was also 1 player short. Am I wrong?


Coincidence that the one inactive went active on that day.


But then he would be a valid target again, or am I wrong?


You can be inactive and unattackable if you don’t go on hardly at all and still log in to attack. It is likely an alt account that someone uses as a space holder so it’s inactive…whether they know it can’t be attacked is another matter of course


yes, but the other team doesn’t know when the player will go online.

The only indication that they will know that the account become active and available for attack would be the time it did the attack. If no one attacked him after knowing this, then there’s no fault. However, if they knew and tried to attack, but no one can attack back, then that’s something that needs to be reported for further investigation.


They were 50 player , one inactive , he did just one attack during war ! The point is that he remain inactive after that attack and we were not allowed to attack him !


Mogi unfortunately you are wrong , one attack didn t change his status ( or they used cheats)


OK, got it.

My (naive?) assumption was, that once the player logs into the game, his status changes from “inactive” to “low activity”. Obviously, this isn’t the case, which in my opinion, is complete BS.

So I totally agree with OP, this has to been fixed!


The one attack will leave them as inactive. Happens a lot in lower leagues


I had two inactive alts go from inactive to active (actual active rating not low activity) with one war run. So yes it can happen. Don’t know why it’s inconsistent though.


I made a ticket about this and was incredibly disappointed to be told that this issue would not be fixed and was basically told that our team should do the best we can against the other team who has an unfair advantage, while the devs neglect to fix it.


So the tactic will be, get a few inactive alts in your team, let them only do a war attack and let them go offline again?
sarcastic :+1::+1::+1: