War inactive players



Yeah this is pretty game-breaking.


Once you do a war run you automatically get bumped to Active status. I’m pretty sure as I have a couple of “inactive” alts and that’s what happens when I have war.


This thread is about the inactive accounts that don’t do war runs.


Takes more than one run to get from inactive to low activity. If they talk in chat that counts towards activity level. I agree that is not fair. Has happened to us and we were told same thing.


It’s because only the people who pay big bucks to play the game are important in the eyes of PG. That’s why the rest of us get shitty copy/pasted responses and little-to-no priority when it comes to support.


Hmmm not likely to happen in my league, but I have a great deal of sympathy for when basic mechanics rob you of a win and you lose rss as a result. No doubt this should be fixed to allow fair game play/


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