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Not sure who to address this to. I am just asking the question to the makers if there is a simple adjustment that could be made so that the leaders or even the whole team gets a ranking email after the war/s are complete. You have the MVP thing and 3 others, But being a leader of a team i would like to not just see these. I would like to see how the whole team went. Just an idea.


You do receive emails after war. They tell you if your team won or lost. For more detailed information you can open the war and see who participated, who didnt, how many flames teammates got for their attack and even rank and egg token payouts/losses. What other information are you looking for?


I’d guess the information that he mentioned that you see with MVP etc., but for everybody on the team not just the leaders in those categories?


That makes sense.

The 4 things listed in the first screen, MVP screen, is teamwide. The second screen is personal ranking in 4 different areas. They are never the same areas and I have no idea how many different areas they look at for determining MVP. (We used to think it was most flames but that was disproven)

I understand the curiosity but I shudder at the glitch ramifications this could make.

I once suggested to PG that we be able to track our weekly medal count from week to week. (I was a level 76 and pushed myself to get 2m medals in one week. I looked at it when I was at 1.96m and a couple hours later, after many runs, it had reset and I never knew if I reached my 2m goal.) That info is not stored so I imagine the war information is not stored either.

I like the idea but I don’t think it is worth the potential glitches.


yep i did mean more the “MVP” information. Sorry, should of made that part more clear. Like activated super shots. I am not asking for every list. Maybe just the list of the MVP calculations. As every player on the team would be on the list and however they work it out, Each player will have a rank. It is more so i can see who is doing to work for wars and who is not. Top people are most of the time going to always be getting the MVP and the Other 3 random categories.

Doesn’t even have to be an email. Even the next screen where it take you to see your Top things you did in the war. The next screen could be a Whole Team overview.


I don’t think that info would be as accurate as you think. Just because someone defended 72 times doesn’t mean they put more effort in than a teammate who stayed online for 6 hours defending the team but only had 6 people attack in that time period. The data does not directly correlate to involvement. You would also need a graph showing attacks per hour, who was online during those times, who was online but didn’t defend, etc. It is a nice little snapshot of the war but seems like way too much effort to expand for way too little reward.

That’s what officers are for. They should be online seeing who is involved, what people do and reporting back to the leadership team. You havent done your war attack but I keep seeing xp run invites, I will be talking to you… :joy::joy:


yep i guess you are right in that regard. I never thought about the activity part of it to when people are there or not. Thanks for taking the time to talk it out mate. Take care and all the best.


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