War - level playing field

Broken war system. Teams winning with a handful of participant against smaller teams that have 90% of members show up and do war runs…level the field, small teams that aren’t full should be getting the handicap not the near full teams

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So, you’re saying that full and/or almost full teams shouldn’t declare war against small teams?



Seems the complainant is based on sandbagging :thinking:


No, why should a large team get 140 unearned points that’s impossible to make up for a 30 person team…at least half if not more of the full teams players do t even do runs…automatic win for sittin on your arse while a fighter small team gets beat by the disadvantage of points not earned. Yeah lots of sand bagging full teams…oh and let’s not forget to double or triple up while you’re at it!

It’s called an advantage because that team with 30 players is inactive. If you don’t want your opponent to get “unearned” flames, maybe try recruiting members.


This is a clear motivator to continue recruiting and fill out your team this was done to force teams up to 50 and sandbagging has its effect on this mechanic.

And here’s another reason we need positional dominance and a map based ranking system…besides the simple fact that it would solve stagnation and mega alliances it would also reduce sandbagging :sunglasses::man_shrugging:

So when Pgs done squeezing the player base for fast cash at the expense of long term play and balance we might be able to actually Integrate map and core game and address the economy!
That will improve player retention and might make building a team of 50 possible again lol

Your part of the problem…advantage suckers, take what you can instead of earning it toe to toe

The problem is sandbagging and nothing being done to address it :facepunch:
And yes it can be addressed and basically solved easily using map based ranking :sunglasses:

No, I just play smarter. And while I do take advantages, I still work hard for things I want instead of complaining about something because I was at a disadvantage.


It is to bad matching can’t be done like another game I use to play. Wars were based on equal ranking teams, and if a team had under 50 players, they were matched with and equal team of the same number and power ranking.

Far from inactive, no inactive or low active members and generally pvp events we finish in top 1-5 consistently. Agree w/ the other post, it’s made a team hopper/sand bag system to just fill spot with anything to take advantage

I don’t know what league you’re in, but from Plat 4 to Plat 1, every team I’ve been in, even if the other team had 20 players, we would still put in the effort to attack and defend in wars. If the other team doesn’t, that’s not my fault. But you can’t seriously expect people not to war with you if you only have 30 players and they have 50.


Gold 1 forever and then some…obviously you don’t get the point…I’ll war your 50 against my 30 anyway. Make the odds even I get the 140 points then see who’s team shows up and does their runs earning :fire:. Then it’s fair n square, be sure tho cuz nearly all on my team show up. Will yours???

Maybe not all on our team would show up, but a good number would. But since we’re in different leagues, I’ll go ahead and do the math for you so we can see what the theoretical outcome would be.

In the past 3 wars, we’ve had an average of 37 players do their war runs. The average flame number was 7 per member. If we do the math, 37 times 7 = 259 flames. That’s our team. Now yours.

You have 30 players. Assuming everyone does their war run and gets 7 flames, the total amount of flames you would get is 210. So you’d lose.

But like I said, this is only theoretical.


there are far too many teams in this game and not enough players … teams need to disband. that’s my opinion.

however, on this topic, this is like real war … other than Thermopylae, having more in your “army” is always the advantage.


otherwise, you could have a “team” of three in Diamond league if flames could only be earned based on the number of players the smallest team has.

this is not logical. a team of three who in theory could win all their wars (they declare, hit a 3 person war wave on the weakest players of the other team), would end up in diamond league. that’s just ridiculous.

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Maybe get more members

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I would just like to say I think this should be moved to either the war category or suggestions which are both mysteriously placed at the bottom of the forums page.


According to the system now …add 140 to me for the 20 people I don’t have and then I win. If everyone shows up and gets 7🔥…reverse the advantage then it’s who shows up and gets more flames that wins.