War Mercenaries

Continuing a discussion from here: Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG

So how do we all feel about other teams pulling in a level 524, for example, AFTER a war was declared to back up all the runs against your teams biggest bases? Asking for a friend. From what I read in the first thread, PG says it’s unfair but has no plans to do anything about it.

People also say that the other team takes a risk because they take 5 flames loss by doing so. Not true. If you do your war run then leave the team, your flames still count in war. If your base was already defeated it stays defeated. If it wasn’t it becomes defeated. Almost no risk here and the ringer you bring in likely only has to backup a few runs. If they don’t help, it still doesn’t negatively affect you. Heck you can even bring the person who left back in to the team to do a war run.

If you join mid-war you can’t lead a war attack. Would it be insanely difficult to code that you also can’t JOIN war runs? Or even just hide the banners for that person. PG is so good at hiding banners that they do it without even trying every other update right?

I get the general consensus is “do it back to them” or “get more defense points and win” but is that even how people want to do wars? I can’t name a single person who loves staring at their screen for hours waiting for the defense banner. It’s boring as hell.


Here we go again :man_facepalming:t3:


Ya and while I’m here let’s make past evo stones available too :roll_eyes:


and how about an Auto-play button? Grinding makes my wrist hurt…


Mercenaries are part of war, always have been. The only thing that surprises me is that more teams don’t do this.

The code on this is so old they probably don’t want to change it. It’s been this way since day 1 when there were no ringers.

Dude this topic has been beaten to death with a stick, come back from the dead, and been beaten to death again. It happens, it will keep happening.


So, get more flame to win.
At least you don’t need to beat the 524…
Or do the same? :thinking:


That was the plan until a 524 began backing every run.

We’re already at 250 flames because we didn’t need to pull in a ringer.

I’m just annoyed that this entire topic has to be a topic to begin with. It’s stupid.


Okay, let’s reopen and unite the two best threads in my first few months in the game.

What time is it?

  • Time to nerf Hauheset
  • Time to buff Oni, then nerf Hauheset

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Y u do this?


Correction, Jared says he feels it’s unfair.

Just be a better team.


We need more white spells for this to happen. Seeing red and blue in my spellkits makes me vomit.


War merc doesn’t have anything to do with war merc right?

Get 250 flames, and you win (assuming you have 50/50)

Needs more panda:


It’s a shame they’re an endangered species these days :sob:



Can I pick both?

On topic, solution? Beat them then laugh at them in LC that they needed a merc and still lost. Don’t come here and whine about it :man_shrugging:

(I see a future for me as a merc. What are the going rates?)


I hear if you are an experienced troll, they’ll pay you extra. Full package type of deal, no assembly required, that sort of thing.


:+1: Music to my ears. Where do I sign up?

Anywhere in Platinum. They thirsty