War Mercenaries


This is the difference between higher and lower leagues i’d say.
Almost in all Sapphire1 + teams people stare at screen without doing anything. It’s been this way. Atlas has reduced wars significantly though since its eternal war world.

On the plus side people actively talk in tc and helps improving team chemistry


Wars do suck though.

Defense is kinda silly. I have much better ways to spend my waking hours. I’m not saying don’t defend, just that winning shouldn’t come down to defense.

Red Crosses, ftw!!!






There is a whole lot of things wrong with this game but if you point it out you are a whiner… I could give you a whole list of things that would make this game so much more fun if the game weren’t so lopsided on things that are borderline iffy…


at the end of the war, both team will get 250 flames and decide by defence point but since they have to be backed every run by 1 single player, your team has more chance to win :octopus:


Having a merc on any side of a war is fun. Spices things up. :+1:t3:


I think the biggest problem is that wars are won by staring at the screen and waiting for defense banners. It’s too easy for teams to get max flames. The “tie-breaker” is the most common way of winning wars if you are in a league with high activity. Imo that’s not what a “tie-breaker” is intended to be.

I have made this suggestion before, but I believe players should be penalized a flame for each additional war attack they make, and penalized a flame for having a backer finish the base. This would give players a more rewarding feeling when they 5 flame a base and would also prevent so many ties.


Why the ringer is the problem? Are you going to win war just by having 1-2 bases that couldn’t be destroyed by another team, without defending? In one of the previous teams I saw number of teams in P3 that have 1-2 300-400 lvl player, when declaring war on our team. Moreover, some of them declare war several times in a row during one week on the same team - easy rating points. But when we ask for help and bring such a friend - “omg, they bring ringer, they are cheaters! Hey, league, let’s all declare war on them” etc. Many such wars were won by defence - teams with such approach usually lazy at defence, not using wave attacks, etc (not all, of course). And those who do waves, defence and all are usually not complaining. From my view it’s perfectly fine. If you want to win - don’t count on just having 250 flames (I would say, it’s “default” for P3 and above) - you must defend as well. And in that case ringer doesn’t matter. Problem solved. Otherwise, be ready that you will be called a whinner. If you want to prohibit ringer - that must be done with prohibiting of declaring war by teams with player(s) which base is way more out of league.


I had a suggestion for extra flame like achivement/quest as well but changing how war work has never been ever their concern


Don’t rely on a team not being able to beat your base to win a war. I agree that winning wars on defense is boring as hell, but even in platinum league winning by defense is becoming very common. Gotta get used to it. Also you should declare against teams that are more evenly matched so that they don’t have to hire a mercenary. It’s more fun that way :yum:


Umh…oh…find them in atlas and murder them :woman_shrugging:t2:
Farm all their gold?
Kill them in events
Be creative,I believe in you!
Have fun :confetti_ball::ghost: don’t take it too much personal.
At the end of the day you are not a weak ass team,who can’t fight their own wars.
They will keep this reputation forever)
Be better)
Event if you’ll loose this war-you won.


Now that I have Atlas, my revenge will worth more…


I’m more joking around)
Honestly,I never saw this,being used against us,and I started with my team from platinum league,when we haven’t had big accounts
But if someone will do it,I’ll just assume,that they dishonored ppl and treating game so much personal,that they can’t accept fair lose of war
Also,it’s not the best behavior in game tbh.
Reputation means a lot
And such teams usually paying twice for those tricks
Does it worth it? No.
It’s a game! Don’t play it,if you can’t accept loosing war)
Plus,it doesn’t cost almost anything,opposite of atlas🤷🏻‍♀️
If they get declared by way higher team…lets say,OP team is ranked 1-3 and enemy team is ranked 25-30 they literally won’t loose anything(few tokens and ranking points)
Plus their friend won’t come every time,when they will get declared.

I guess,ppl just shouldn’t treat any war relaxed and always defend heavy
At least,login to all banners.
In this case,if they will loose,even with help from 500 dude,it will be such a pleasure :heart_eyes_cat::star_struck:
Get excited and inspired only thinking about it :smiling_imp::grin:


Go Mercs! The more Mercs the Merrier!


Glad to see this topic reopened, it just felt like we were so close to settling it last time.


Exactly. Imagine if 80% of NFL games went to sudden death OT. Would seem like the game scoring mechanics were not quite right.

Wars are the same. If every war in the higher leagues goes to the “tiebreaker” metric, then it’s not really a tiebreaker, is it? It’s part of the normal score.

Basically, it’s too easy to get to 250. That needs to change. There have been many suggestions for ways to do this. Right now, it’s victory through boredom.


It’s refreshing to see other people who understand this. I’ve said this in other threads and people lost their minds. I’m a blasphemer to suggest wars shouldn’t end 250/250 most of the time.

Thankfully there is atlas to do war in.

The sickening part is that ties are so common that the tiebreaker for the tiebreaker comes into play far too often.


Funny you should mention that. :thinking:

GO SAINTS!!! :innocent:


Yup and this is you saying this (Someone in a lower league last I checked). At least where you are there are teams who can’t beat you. Makes it easy. It’s worse higher up.