War Mercenaries


Yes, it would be nice if all 5 flame runs were not equal. E.g., a 50 taking out a 300 level base because he is backed by a Vanguard dragon maybe shouldn’t be valued the same as someone taking out a base their level or higher. If points (“flames”) awarded were a function of attacker total strength vs. base strength, it would add a welcome degree of strategy to war planning, as opposed to sending everyone on their attacks backed by your strongest dragon.


Of simply limit number of BU from one person to teammates :woman_shrugging:t2:
Also…250 might be too easy to get in Sapphire
Where a lot of ppl simply sandbagging and don’t have equal enemies.
Same as no decent waves and decoys…
Maybe if we will tie war declare with team rankings,it will be more fair?
Like…you can War only team 2 rankings above and behind…


300 lvl base with and without gear are absolutely different bases
Same as 320ish with locked 60 lvls towers
And 320ish with 60+. Same as we will need to detect if my BU used his dragon or was simply present in attack
I love the idea,but I’m not quite sure,how to make it fair.
I love your idea to be live in Atlas mainly.
With changes for GP payouts.


I think the structure is already there - we’ve had events where points awarded scale based on dragon strength relative to base strength.

We’ve had quests where you need follows with certain dragons, and you don’t get credit unless that dragon is actually used.

The main issue is I’m sure there is a large part of the community happy with things the way they are - just look at all the posts calling the OP a whiner for making what I think is a very reasonable complaint. 'course they are probably paid mercs :wink:


Probably. I bet they were even paid in gold to post here. :wink:


But that wouldn’t actually showcase who has the better team. Teams that have more higher level players will be penalized both in their attacks counting less and if their base falls, the other team will score more points. A team of all level 400+ players should beat a team of all players 300 or less. Stronger teams shouldn’t be nerfed.


Have to love teams that declare because they are relying on their big bases being unbeatable cry foul when another team relies on a big player to take them out. “No fair! They used a big player to take out our big player!” Relying on a few big bases to win is lazy strategy and frankly won’t work in any league Sapphire or higher. Having a merc come in and win a war for a team is karma for a lazy team declaring and putting all their hopes and dreams in one base.


While you have a point in your extreme scenario, wouldn’t a team with all 400s be in a different league than one with all 300s?

We are in Plat 3, most are in the 200s and below with a smattering of 300s, and an occasional 400. The 400 at this level is an automatic “you can’t get to 250”, and obliterates all your bases following level 25s. It would be nice if there was a path to a win against a weaker team with one huge player, besides finding a merc. Hell, if you want that to be part of game play, put in a rent-a-merc button in the store. Or maybe tactical nukes for sale, buy a nuke for a base.

We’ve seen both - had a war declared on us, realized they couldn’t beat us because we defended well, then they brought in a merc to take out all our tough bases. And we’ve had war declared on us by a much weaker team overall, but with a 400.

I don’t know what the best answer is, but the current setup is not it. Maybe limiting the number of support attacks is the simplest answer, so one super high level can’t dominate.


The solution is for people to stop whining and realise team member movements are part and parcel of the game. It is what it is.


These are not normal team movements being discussed, however. But you knew that and decided to make a “stop whining” comment. You live up to your name.


Happy to be of service :wink:


have you looked at dread, NMO, or BWAB and then compared them to any other team in D1?


They have a higher rating?


but same league


Ah. Yeah. Well, that would happen at the top, nowhere else to go.

I think the case can be made for the top 5 being in Diamond+.


Lucky you. There are lvl 400+ players on gold 2 teams. Not to mention the multiple lvl 300s most teams have. It’s almost a requirement in gold to have one big base, or you’ll get flattened. :roll_eyes:


I wasnt aware teams still warred?


That’s not true. Maybe consider being friendly and they won’t declare? :thinking:


Not likely when you don’t have 50 team mates. And I don’t really go out into LC. Been spending less and less time in the game


49 technically you are the 50th