War monuments for Heroes of the game

War heroes or MVPs should have a place where they are immortalized, is it?
Are our War heroes are forgotten? It is like a fastest laps that was not recorded and gotten each time…

Define a hero in the game?

Our heroes are dragons, thus we have War Dragons :upside_down_face:


That would work if our avatars could have been like walking avatars and there would be a common place for everyone, like a hall or a warground of such. And the MVP of the week could have a statue in da middle.
Just saying this cause I have seen this in another game and I think I get what @LapuLapu12Sr is trying to say.

We have team hall. In the trophy section heroes or mvps are not beings keep… I hope that we have one…

So one hero in there at a time?

on the forums there’s the player of the month, and in game there’s the leaderboards. where would a statue go? I don’t want statues on my base, that would scare me

In the team meeting hall … trophy section.

In car racing they have different cars. Here we call them dragons. Someone has to drive the car so is the dragons…

Prior no Rider’s era, (before fall 2017), no riders to ride the dragon :eyes:

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OrcaFrost you are the hero or MVP not the rider.


I just show them which base to burnt. They did it on their own free will :laughing:

For war, I have a chance to be MVP since picking targets plays a big role.

We have a leader board for the week but no rewards! Some rubies would be nice, isn’t? And again no records for being no 1?

What Im taking away from this is that we need a base skin with a bronze or marble statue of chunk on our bases :chunk:

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Congrats to them, they spent a butt load of money. Why does that deserve special recognition throughout the game beyond the leader boards? That doesnt deserves rewards and I dont see that as being a “hero”

Talaga? :man_facepalming:

Kailangan natin eto tol.

dadagdag lng ata sa glitch nila yan mga idol🙆‍♂️

Leaderboards are kinda fun. Would be neat to have more team or global leaderboards, even for silly things like most damage done with Chunk, but I don’t think they need a reward. Let the recognition be its own reward.

Of course this is the sort of thing someone implements on a lazy Friday and ideally when you don’t have 1000 critical stability, performance, and gameplay issues in the queue.

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