War participation reminders


It’s currently capped at 2. I’d like this to be unlimited, just capped at once every 2 hours like now. @PGEggToken


I vote no for this.

If you have to remind a member of your team more than twice to make their war attack, you might want to look at replacing them.

I, for one, sometimes cannot make my War Attacks until the last few hours of war, with prior coordination with an officer or leader. If an overzealous Officer was to ping me every two hours to make my attack, I would quickly be looking for another team.


@Jonesy I sent you 2 reminders; please make your war attack :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Agree though, more than 2 reminders could get seriously annoying.


I’d just like for them to actually send out a message again.


Can not agree more. I once had leader who would send out war reminders the instant war started because he wanted to make sure everyone knew. It contributed to my decision to leave.


To think that I am already upset when the leader send me a war reminders when there’s still 12hours left for war, I’d rather not receive too many reminders as if I was goofing off and forgetting my attacks. I only missed a war attack early on when I was a new player, never since unless it was already over before I get to attack :wink:


I can confirm this.

I tracked Kardul’s war hits (plus the rest of the team) from November through April last year when i was officer at Lionadas and not once did they miss a war hit unless specifically told to throw the war :slight_smile:


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