War Question (Member accidentally kicked)

If after a war is declared a player is accidentally kicked because of the (replace low activity) with the “recruit”
It shows that players name marked out. If the new player is kicked and the old is brought back before the war starts can he attack in the war? He was a member before the war was declared. Or can he even come back after the war starts and attack?

It was accidentally done by an officer so was jw if it was possible for him to still attack in the war? Does it matter if he is brought back before or after the war starts or can he just not attack at all?


If he was on the team when the war was declared and then kicked after, then yes he can come back and still do his war run.


What if by time he logs on the war has started? Can he still do it if he joins back after the wars already started?

Yes he can rejoin anytime during the war and do his run.


Yes, even after the war starts they can still come back and so their attack.

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Thank you very much both of you :grin:

For clarity - their name must be on your teams roster in the war menu to have their attack count.

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As long as it’s on is only thing that matters?
Because It is but it just is marked out.

That is correct.

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It’s crossed out, because the kick automatically awarded the other team five flames for the base, but there currently isn’t anything preventing your player from doing his/her attack upon return to the team.


My understanding is that this no longer works as of semi recently. I have not confirmed, but I was told that once a player leaves a team, when they rejoin they will no longer be able to do their war. Supposedly this was done to prevent abuse of it.

Again, I’ve not tested it since I was told that, but it was on a Facebook page and coorborated by several team leaders I suspect knew what they were talking about. It’s generally a bad idea to kick or leave during a war.

2 weeks ago my alt was kicked for low activity after a war was declared but before it started. After the war was underway I was able to bring my alt back in to do a war hit.

Thank you.

I’ll have to find out if someone was spreading wrong info, or if it has reverted to how it used to be.

We did this last week. We were able to bring back and get 250.


Likely someone is spreading wrong info. I have not heard of any changes to war mechanic and I’m on here a lot:joy:


Wrong info. There was a mercenary thread on forums not long ago complaining that this was possible. It was explained that there are some circumstances (^^case in point) where the player may need to return/was accidentally removed.

This mechanic has never been changed. Someone(s) was feeding wrong information or is simply confused.

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Yeah & I don’t think it should be changed…Of course you will always have ppl who try to beat the system by bringing in big bases that the team cannot successfully complete and bringing back the smaller ones to do the run at the last minute :roll_eyes: so I understand if they ever do change it but it just sucks because sometimes things happen (The member never would have been kicked he always completes his runs) a low activity and an officer not really
Paying attention and BOOM your down an attacker and they are awarded 5 flames :joy:

That officer needs a reprimand - NEVER KICK DURING A WAR…

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Ikr? :joy: But it was actually done with the recruiting button one of them just didn’t uncheck the box for replacing member wirh low activity lol…Simple mistake :grimacing: But it just so happened the member with low activity always does his runs lol

Ah haha ok. That’s what happens with the random invite spam button… :joy: