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If a member completes his run & is kicked the 5 flames remain…

If that member completes his run but his base isn’t attacked and he is kicked that automatically gives the opposing team 5 flames, right?

And if he attacks and has been attacked both teams keep flames even after he’s been kicked, right?

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Correct. Unless they’ve changed it.

This is being discussed in another thread right now, and has been in several others.

There is a nuance (that I have never tested)


Your player has contributed 5 flames, and has 5 flames contributed towards you. Your player is booted or otherwise not in the team anymore.

Do does anything happen?

Well no, not at first. Everything stays the same and 9 times out of 10 always will. The flames your player has earned for your team are safe.

What is not safe are the flames earned against your player. Supposedly if the player who attacked your player attacks another person on the team, his previous flames will get replaced with “Left Team” and he will get new flames (supposedly)

Now I’ve never confirmed this, and it’s veey difficult to articulate. But it seems many people are certain this is a thing. I do not know if it works any differntly if the flames were less than 5, or if the second attack is against someone who is a valid War target or not.

So why isn’t this exploited? Well
It’s very difficult to tell when a team had a player exchanged, and it’s a lot of work to figure out which one it is unless they outright say it. And at best it just lets the team who didn’t lose a player skip having all 50 players go.

Here is one


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