War Questionnnnn

If a player is kicked or leaves in middle or before it starts and another account is added can a team actually attack the base that wasn’t there when it was declared, the new player?
Or for them to get 250 flames they must attack the 49 bases that was on the team before declared?

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No. They get 5 free flames. Here’s the kicker, if they’ve been attacked and they leave/kicked, the enemy that attacked them is free to attack someone else on the team (unless that has changed recently - and most people don’t realize this either).

In that case, isn’t losing a member (before 5 flames) means 10 potential flames difference?

Not following how they would get 10 flames?

Not gaining 10 flames, but losing 5 flames, and losing a chance to get 5 flames (using standard 5 flames as war requirement)

The 2 balance out. If it was 50 vs 50, 1 left your team, now it’s 49 vs 50, war starts with 0 - 5, so yes, the most your team could get would be 245 and the enemy would only need 49 attacks to get 250.


It actually gets complicated if you kick them after they’ve been attacked and/or made their attack as the person they 5 flamed stays 5 flames, but the enemy team member that attacked the person that left/got kicked could actually 5 flame someone else, their attack is voided out as their flames are now “free”, unless that has been changed.
Again, not many people realize this, if it still works as it used to.

A former team mate, left during war before he could finish his war run. We had 240 points at the time, the enemy has 245. We were angry and sad, and would we realized we would probably win if he had done his war run.

Our leader smooth talked to get him back into our team, he finished his run. And we won the war on defence points. Most intense war I’ve ever been through. We even congratulated the other team in LC.

I would hope his ass was promptly kicked after the war…


I know that…
Maybe I need to word it better lol

What I was asking is If a player leaves before war starts.
They get 5 bonus flames and there are now 49 bases to get to 250 flames.

My question is does the opponent have to attack
The teams 49 bases that were on team before war was declared?
So the new member added after that player leaves, let’s say has a lower leveled base, can they actually just not even bother with the biggest base and attack the base that wasn’t even on the team until later on?
I thought they had to attack the 49 but wasn’t sure.

Probably it’s similar to events. The emptied slot can only be filled with the exact same person that left the team.

Once we have that case (kicking and recruiting during a war), and that person’s contribution doesn’t count.

I don’t know because I thought I’ve heard of teams bringing in big accounts during war.
Big bases opponents couldn’t beat so they couldn’t reach 250.

I have no idea…It would make sense that it would have to be the 49 on the team and couldn’t just attack the lower leveled, new member and leave the highest base but I don’t think so.

If one player leave, the opponent have to attack remaining 49. It doesn’t matter, which new player has replaced the previous - attacks on the new player are not counted.

Shortly: you need to defeat players that were in a clan at the moment of war declaration. If any of them leave - that is counted as player was defeated.

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Clan A vs clan B. Score:0-0

Example 1. Player A1 leaves after war declaration.
Score: 0-5. Clan A can gain max 245 flames. In clan B, one of the players may skip the war. Defence points doesn’t matter, if all players are participating, AND if A1 will not return later to do a war run.

Example 2. Player A1 did a war run and left.
Score: 5-5. Now clan A can gain 250, still some player in B can skip the war.

Example 3. Graceful replace: player A1 did a war run and was defeated on 5 flames.
Such player can be replaced without any drawbacks and consequences.

Example 4. Same as 1, but player A1 returns later.
Both teams could get 250 flames. Team B has benefit that one of them may skip the war and still have 250 points.

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The roster is locked to those that were on the team when declared. Anyone leaving prior to the start cannot be attacked because they automatically give 5 flames for their base when they leave. New players cannot be attacked because their base isn’t in the roster however, they can still support attacks and people have bought in heavy hitters before to take out bases they can’t beat.

If someone wanted to use a heavy base as part of their defense they would have to bring them in and then declare wars to have them on the roster.

If someone leaves prior to or during a war they can actually come back and get their 5 flames for you if they were so inclined because they still count as part of the attack roster, but you don’t get any team flames back that were caused by them leaving.

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The person that attacked can only attack again if they got less than 5 flames. If they got 5 flames and their target leaves then they are still locked to them. If they got less than 5 flames then the game changes that person to “Left team” and the attacker can go again

Just an addition. If player 1 has less than 5 flames and locked to some target, lock can be removed, if player 2 has attacked the same target and got 5 flames (likely it is enough to get just more flames than player 1 got). Then player 1 can choose another target. Useful when some low level player with support can’t beat some base (but already got flames), but two high lvl players can. Because of that it is good to keep couple of high lvls without 5 flames until all strong bases are defeated.

Ofc we did.

Bringing in a merc doesn’t give the team any more flame potential or give the flame deficit back. What it does do is provide a strong backer for what otherwise might be a team with no chance to 5-flame all opponent bases.

So team A declares on team B because everyone on team A is L200 and everyone on team B is L100. Team B brings in a L400 merc, who now sweeps team A as a backer in every run. This has happened to us, though not as stark an example.


This is exactly what I was looking for.

That’s good to know. It should be this way :+1: