War rule changed?

We have a war going. Last night I swapped out a member who had five flamed his war run and had already got his base five flamed. This morning, the war chart shows that he left the team. It doesn’t show the name of the opposing member that killed his base. It looks as though the other team got five free flames and their member can hit us again. Anyone know when this process was changed or if this is just a glitch? :face_with_monocle:

Tagging @PGJared @PGEggToken to look at this.

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Oh this would be very new and very much a problem!!

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provide the following information so that they won’t bother asking for it:

  1. Name of the player that made the attack.
  2. Name of the player that was attacked.
  3. What is the name of the team.

Did you send a ticket? If not, please send one so the support can provide clarification on this one.

This is pretty much PG’s standard reply when it comes to any issues posted on the forum. If you haven’t sent a ticket, send one. Only bring it to forum if support is not providing much help or didn’t reply back for quite awhile (3 hours is not long so maybe a day or 2)


Just tried this on my alt’s team and it didn’t happen there. So maybe just a glitch? Not sure.

Hi Ken, right now I’m trying to figure out if it is a change in the rules or a glitch before I put in a ticket. The forum contains more knowledge than the help desk. It would be better if it wasn’t so but it is what it is.


Hey Odin, I’ll go put in a ticket then. Thanks for the help bud. :rose:

I suggested on sending a ticket since they need to check the times the attack was made.

Also, based on my knowledge:

If a player who contributed 5 flame points and also got conquered by the other team was kicked out or replaced, the attacker that 5 flame your team mate will be able to attack 1 more time since the attack was null and void and provided the 5 flame points.

basically, I attack you and you quit your team. I can attack again since the system gave us that free 5 flame points and nullified my attack on you. It will show on your name the “Left Team”.

don’t know if I worded everything correctly

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Historically, that has not been the case. Odin tested it out on his alt and did not have his attack nulled out. :thinking:

then contact support so they can take a look at it.

Not a problem, hopefully PG will fix before the war ends. But this is PG
:joy:🤦. Good luck

just to be sure, here is what I mean:

Player 1 attacked Player 2
Player 2 displays Player 1 on the list
Player 1 suddenly left the team
Player 1 will have “Left Team” instead of “Player 2”

Player 2 can attack again since Player 1 left.

Player 1’s contribution will stay if he ever did his attack.

This is what I got back from support … what Ken said about the opposing team member can attack again and they will get five free flames for my member leaving. Looks like the rules changed while I wasn’t looking. Guess we won’t be swapping in peeps during wars anymore. :see_no_evil:

This might stopped “Mercenaries”. Maybe :man_shrugging:

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I’ve assigned someone to take a look at this today.

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This was the reply I got back.

I think you experienced a glitch.

Two things

  1. if two people hit the same target at the same time, one won’t get the flames. It used to give the flames to the first person and then bump them when the second persons run completed. I believe this behavior was changed so that the first person to get flames now keeps the flames, but I’m not 100% on this.

  2. I have been intermittently experiencing a bug where a player who had 5 flames the day before, will not have his flames in the morning. I’ve never managed to record it, but I know for sure it has happened. I have suspicions as to part of what causes this, but for sure some War flames get undone.

I have recently swapped out a player and it did not remove that players flames. I think you are just victim of an unfortunate series of events.

Hi Eid, please see above for my screenshot of Support’s reply. There has been a change in the war rules and not a glitch. We ended up tied in our war but lost since they had more defends. Ironic that it would come down to a tie, if I didn’t swap out Bubba, we would’ve won by five flames. :rofl:

Don’t trust what support says. They’re often wrong…


I’m pretty confident support is not exactly correct here. They never said “change in War rules” and I have tested this only days ago.

I believe support gets a lot of questions which are answered by the answer you got, and in your case it doesn’t really apply. They have a lot of customers to support with a pretty small team, so you can see how their first answer may not always be the right answer for you, but instead the right answer for helping the most customers the quickest. (At least that’s what I think is going on here)

PGJared assigned someone to have a look, so you will probably see more info soon.