War run attacts not gained

We are at war with teams and there gaining points and were attacking them more but not gaining any points. Seems everytime we hit them they get our points… EXPLAIN??

I see that only the team you are warring “wasted” as gaining any flames, and that was only one flame. Your team did gain points between the 2 screenshots that you provided. They didn’t go to the other team. Some reasons points may not be counting is that the person who is hitting has already hit in that war, or they joined after war was declared, it could also be that the player on the other team you are trying to hit was already knocked out.

Edit: the wars shown have already ended anyways according to team profiles, at this point they are done and the results are basically final. In addition I cannot find your name anywhere on your team roster which I find strange, as I believe forum and ign names are linked (for the most part at least).

Yes thr still going on… Yes my name changed is now Mss ExeKutioneR… The wars end in 1hr

Ah ok…how did end since war is now over?

We won after the team had kicked out the players that wasn’t thr… they
could not be found or went inactive so we couldn’t find them

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