War runs counting only in attacks

Why do attacks outside of war runs on your opponents also count against you in war defense, ie glory runs in atlas, rss, egg token missions? Suggest only intentional attacks in war count, is that possible?

Atlas runs shouldn’t count as war attacks as that was fixed awhile ago.

All core game attacks do count as war attacks, and its boils down to one thing. It removes the ability to practice on the base without any consequences.


Not that it comes up enough to really warrant any huge degree of work, but it would be a bit nice to have a warning pop up on war active teams you are about to attack. There have been 2-3 times where I happened to notice the team in matchmaking I was about to click on was also a team we were warring (and I’m not even going to talk about my 5 defense point revenge attack/swap I brainlessly did for a quest without realizing)

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:thinking: Just a thought.
Can players from teams we’re in war with, appear in Matchmaking?

Yes. Yes, they can.


It appears matchmaking can pair you with anything including your own teammates.

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