War Runs Not Counting

We are in two wars right now. Some of our team members have made their runs but their flames do not show and they are listed under contrabutions.

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Are they attacking the same person?

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If two people attack the same target at roughly the same time, only one will count. (Defends for both will count)

I believe the first to complete the battle gets the flames

Also the results are sometimes lagged. I’ve had flames and defends that showed up 5+ minutes later.

If the attacker was not listed in the war as a target for the enemy to get flames on (joined after it was declared), he will not be able to earn flames. (And should get a warning)

If the attacker already has even 1 flame on anyone and selects a different target, he won’t get flames on any target but that target unless someone else gets more flames than they had on the same target first.

The last item happens a lot to some because a lot of players go through their things with notification icons including battle reports and will revenge hit targets without checking if there is a war with that team first. Get locked in for like 1 flame and not be aware it even happened.

FYI all hits count for wars. If they are atlas
Attacks, matchmaking, revenge, they all
Count toward War. (Atlas attacks may not register flames but they do for defends if its an eligible target)

None of this applies. They attacked open targets and it has been hours. One of our players showed 5 flames then later none. One of the other teams is having the same problem. We both submitted reports. I was told send screen shots of the attack. Wtf? Who screen shoots their attacks?

On rare occasions flames disappear. It was believed to be caused by players who left after doing their wars, and subsequently someone’s hits their target. I think we proved that’s not the case with testing. (You can search for other posts in the forums on this topic, there have been a few)

In any event If you are seeing this issue, support has never done anything for me about it. And I can avoid it by checking everyone’s flames 15 min after to see if they are still there.

I suspect they want a screenshot of the war screen showing everyone’s flames. I wouldn’t bother screenshoting much else. If you can repeat it, record a video… if it’s the same issue I’ve seen it happens rarely, and doesn’t reproduce for anything I have tried.

Thanks EidolonRM, this is more help then I received anywhere else. I appreciate it.

The past few day/wars this has happened on several occasions … a player does his/her war run and only to find out later that it was not counted. It just happened to us a few hours ago. One member did their run - he was the only one who did it at the time- and now it shows he has not done it. No one has came and left during this war. Nor was anyone else doing their war at the same time.

I put in a ticket (with screenshots of the attack chats and contribution list afterwards)… so I hope I hear back soon.

a member on our team did the war with 1 defender and me join in as back up. after finishing it, a message say due to connection the flames werent counted. Isnt that mean we waste 1 defence point for nothing?

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