War Start Times - Suggestion


I know this has been cussed and discussed, however, even though I tried to get on the forums quite some time ago, I was JUST now afforded the ability to post to the forums.

So, I have a suggestion regarding wars. I have seen a lot of discussion on the start times and how they aren’t fair for Non-US based teams or players and I’ve even seen PG staffers say they would really need to “think about it” to figure out a fair option. Really? Cause the way I see it, it’s SUPER easy to figure out.

Here’s my suggestion. Start the war immediately upon being declared. This would allow us a little more strategy determining how and when to attack. The wars could still easily end 24 hours after starting and all the same rules could apply, but it would allow wars at different times instead of everyone starting and ending wars at the same time all the time. It might actually bring some variety and interest into the game.

Kriegsbeginn / beginnen Time of wars
Pre-War Attack Exploit
Events preferential treatment

I think that can be abused by teams that has all 50 members under the same time zone.

Declare and then do 50 war attacks within minutes and then ensure victory by getting defense points. The other team might not be able to get defense points because of it.

What we have is we know when it will start so other players may go online between those times. The one that you suggested is a surprise war like declaring 1 minute before all wars start.

But, yeah, just my opinion on this one. To each their own.


Yeah, wars are already too much a battle of attrition, instant war starts would make things too lopsided without staying on 24/7 watching for a declare. People know when to be on to check if they’ll be defending bigs and/or doing a counterwave during prewar. Being able to pick when a team has nobody on and putting them in a huge hole seems a bit much…


Instant wars seems like an even more terrible approach to fixing the war time issue. Sorry, I am all for making war start times more fair. But your idea isn’t it. :pray:


It doesn’t have to be instant. It could simply be based off a predetermined time from when the war was declared. 12 or 24 hours or whatever. It can be tweaked to work better for the community at large.


If you want where people can declare at anytime there will have to be a set time period… so say we declare there needs to be a 5hr gap before the war to actually start


I’m in the US and 8pm is not a great time for me for wars to start but it’s fair. You have to understand that all game work this way. It’s not to punish one group over another but allows for planning it I see a set time everytime. I played Japanese game and everything started at 2am for me did it suck yes but it was even across the board


Building on this idea, why not have the wars start 3 hours (or X time) after being declared.

This way, as @XoXKahleesiXoX suggested, the attackers need

Defenders then also get some time to prepare a defence.


No actually, most games do not work this way. I’ve played a ton of games where the wars start immediately upon declaration and everyone seems to be fine. The rules of war differ from game to game and so do the start times.

But in reality, all I’m saying is start the war based on when it was declared, not a set time for everyone in the US. Nothing will be convenient for everyone - obviously but it could be a bit more team friendly by allowing a bit of flexibility in the start times.


pretty sure other games doesn’t have a war everyday so having instant war can be okay in other games.

Still, having a set time globally is okay like what we have right now which is 5:00 PM PST. CoC iirc, has a fixed time on war/guild war. Haven’t played that game for 3+ years i think so i am not sure if they changed it or not.

the only disadvantage this has would be if you have less member than the other team. They can end it early before you know it, but at least you know that a war with them is happening starting at 5:00 PM PST.


This isn’t the only issue. If a team has more active players online at the start of the war, they can win before the other team wakes up.

For me (GMT), wars start at 01:00 AM. I’m not going to stay up just to do my war runs. I get them done in morning, if the war isn’t already over.

That being said, I think that we should go with whichever option the majority of players choose.


majority would mean that PG will have to ask the players inside the game because not everyone browses the forums or rejects browsing the forum for any reason whatsoever.

However, it’s still on point that if you have less member than the other team, the other team can finish it early. Even if all your team member attack, you still can’t get 250 flame points unless the other team has some leavers which makes it possible for a 250 flame point. but still, your team needs to be the first one to get 250 flame points due to the mechanics.

Well, we really can’t have the perfect time since the game has players around the world. If they set it to 10 AM GMT, it is perfect for you, but its bad for the others.

pretty much the majority that wins the vote would be the players that is on the same timezone or close to the time zone while the minority will have to just accept the fact that the time is not going to be perfect for them.

so it’ll be hard to get the perfect time for every players even if the war is 24 hours.


I think if you want it to be totally fair the real issue is that a code fix is needed not to count attack’s before the war start time. However I still don’t see this as cheating because anyone can use it to their advantage there’s really not a limitation except game experience which I think makes this strategy and not cheating.


I should be more clear most all MMORPG type game do. I can list all the one stuff I have played and you can check for yourself


to fix the asshole pre war glitch for attacking. its soooo simple. once a war is declared the two teams cannot target each other till the war starts.

no crying about what about an event. irreleveant never has that been an issue hits have never counted in an event. and most pvp events block wars anyways.

its that easy once war is declared the 2 teams cant hit each other. its.100% fair for everyone and no pre war attacks undefendable. not rocket appliances to figure out


How about instead of having a single start time for all wars, they have three start times, spaced eight hours apart. When you declare a war, it gets randomly assigned to one of the next three starting spots (or maybe skip one if it starts really soon).

That way everyone gets two thirds of their wars starting when they’re not asleep, regardless of where they happen to live. It also means the attacking team doesn’t get a guaranteed advantage from the war starting at a time that suits them better than their opponent (as any predominantly-US team will get today, or as would happen with the instant-start suggestion).


They tried to fix it, it didn’t work and actually broke normal war hits.


did they try my suggestion?


Ask them. Personally I don’t like being unable to attack a whole team if war has been declared. Then again, the “Pre-War Attack” has been a war strategy since i began playing the game two years ago so it don’t bug me.


Sorry, but I just don’t think this is a good idea. Wars starting when they are declared can easily be abused. If a team sets a time when they’re going to war someone, they can just tell all their members to be online in a certain time frame and win a war before the team even knows they were declared upon. But a different war time could be effective, since a lot of players in other countries cannot be online when war starts. But then for people in the US it would be a lot later. You can’t win when it comes to war time, because people will always want a different time to suit their country. But it is an interesting prospect @XoXKahleesiXoX