War Stategies (Sapphire 3+)

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Perhaps this is a rude question to ask, but how do you/your team run wars? I’ve scoured the interwebs looking for different war strategies, but I honestly can’t find anything. So I thought, why not start a discussion…

I only ask because I feel my current team could use some improvement and I have very little insight on how other teams do wars in higher echelons. (Team is currently in P1).

Do officers assign targets for team members? Do you free for all? Run waves at certain times? Run all 50 members at the start?

yes, no, yes, yes if you can.


If your officers assign targets, how is that information distributed to all your teammates? In game mail? Line App? Just curious what the “norm” is really.

Not sure how much I can divulge but here it is in a generalized fashion:

  • Waves at strategic times
  • War room leader pairs up lead/backer
  • Leads scout bases & posts in war room (to make sure no overlap)
  • Fly on countdown
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Create a chat group for organizing your wars.(in game)

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As the leader of a team that moved up to Saph around 7 months ago, here are some things I noticed:

First off, you will need to have an in game war chat. Try and keep it simple to just assigning targets, asking who can lead or follow, and the attack countdown. It can get hijacked easily if u let other discussion permeate. Most teams already have this, but don’t let it get hijacked.

Second, you will have to crack down on the random solo attacks. In sapphire, unless u set up a giant wave, every attack will be defended like that base is the last one. Going from plat to warring against seasoned, competitive teams in sapphire , every point matters. We all have lives, but people running unannounced and uncoordinated can wreck defense ratios. So quite a few players will need to get used to a new normal. I’ve seen level 200s with get rekt against a level 150 triple defended that the person tried to solo because they thought it would be easy. Assume multiple defenders and do not tolerate players that solo or are impatient with waves.

Third, always set up waves for the bulk of the attacks. Saph3 isn’t D1 where everyone can be on fast, but the bulk of your flames should come from coordinated waves. Setting up waves is easier in an offensive war because you have time to plan and assign targets. Whether you do a wave of 30 solo attacks with some backed, or 15 attacks all with backers will depend on war. If you have 30 people on and they have 2, solo that and have the weaker people crush the weaker bases. If their team has much stronger bases than yours, youll need to find ways to get their bigger ones with 1 or less defenders. Again, that will be more about the war itself when you are in it.

Fourth, most wars will be declared in the minute before war time. So you don’t give your opponent a heads up as you will not get one either. Only wars i see anymore with advance notice are when a team drops to 49 players, which should be an instant win in Saph. Even if you have no war planned, get people on around war start so if a team was gonna declare on you and sees 20 people online, they may change their mind. And if they do declare, have those people just concentrate on defending until leadership can get on and organize a counter offensive.

Lastly, expect some growing pains moving up. Your team probably isn’t used to what to expect. So be patient, but also firm. Many teams in plat rely on their bigs to carry the team and back most attacks. Every team in sapphire has multiple bigs. Many people are used to just logging on, asking a teammate to back, then launching a 1 person attack. You can’t do that anymore and teammates will need to get used to that. The transition may not be easy, but once u see your team running smooth and operating at a much higher level, it will be extremely rewarding.

Giving a person tips vs. actually getting your team of 50 to completely buy in immediately are 2 different things. Don’t get overwhelmed, look at the positive growth and cut out the weak links who won’t cooperate.


Thanks for taking the time to write all that Bash. Very helpful and insightful :heart_eyes:

Our general strategy when it comes to wars is simple: Win. It’s working so far.


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