War Strategy or Harrassment?


Why would Team A, who’s in first place , relentlessly declare war over a much weaker team B, over and over again,and over again already knowing they can beat Team B every time? Please shed some light and advise. :blush:


That’s just an easy way to get points. Not necessarily smart, but it does the job if the point is to move up league.

But don’t worry, if they move up too fast, they’re on for a surprise… and it will be payback time!


Who else must they declare on if they are no 1? Also most teams would do it for the free eggs, or to offset another war


Because they are No 1 in that league, does not mean they are No 1 in the overall Gold/Platinum, etc league. If they are trying to move up move up, then every point helps.


If there is that much of a discrepancy, they won’t get many eggs or points. Whenever we dip into D1 these days we always get a Dread welcome despite the fact they get 5 eggs and zero points. It’s just how it is. If you are that close in ranking that they win lots of eggs and points, perhaps you need to work on strengthening your team?


Thank you All so much for your input. It makes sense to me now. :kissing_heart:


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