War System bugs

Please fix the War system. Since people can’t do wars or it’s not counting is lame. War runs itself has gone down hill as well. Lagging or dragon pauses while getting attack. Please fix the towers before more people exploit that bug. Thanks

Can you be more specific? Also I get the feeling whatever bug you’re experiencing is already being discussed in the forum. Please use the search button.

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Thanks for the Tip. Already looked them up though. I said War System because the War System is messing up big time. For over a month several people war declaring function wasn’t working. That was 1 of the issues on the forum. Another issue was towers in general, but it get worse during war attacks because instead of 1 or 2 people you will have 4 or 5 during war. Not a big deal when it’s non war. Is a big deal when you’re backing up for war because resources most of the time being used to handle that issue. 50 people helping 10 people max per war. Loss if resources adds up quickly. Other issue is old team members being able to join us on war attacks while they’re in another team. War runs not counted so teams getting demoted because of that. Droid users have more issues that another Device users. The pop up to defend or join attack is green instead of red. People not being able to join or lose connection at random during flight. Losing resources during war attacks (not a big deal unless it’s fort or feeding event) :joy:.

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