War Tactic - Swapping and Hit Again

I do not know if this has been discussed, but please send me to the right place if it has.

Every time someone uses this tactic the immediate response is accusing them of the dreaded airplane mode (in LC nonetheless). I wanted to share it to see what others think. Is this fair and just?

The lead attacker will start the attack on the base they would like to take out in war with a backer, hopefully drawing three defenders. Once the backer starts their attack, the lead attacker quits and hits the same base immediately with a different backer (while the first backer remains in the first attack). This causes the defenders from the first attack to remain with the first backer if it is convincing enough. They usually obtain five flames through this method.

Let me know what you guys think of this method! I’m curious.

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Have used this tactic before. I see nothing wrong with it.


Fair play, essentially a decoy. In my opinion anyway.


Counter by having more people online and defending


As have I. Just lots of angry people when I use it lol

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dont know if i understood this completely but here goes:

  1. Lead Attacker attacks Player 1 with Backup 1 and 2 using the War panel.
  2. Battle goes round 2.
  3. Lead Attacker quit while the backup 1 and 2 are doing their battle.
  4. Lead Attacker attacks Player 1 again with Backup 3 and 4 using the War panel.

is this correct? then nothing is wrong here just carefully planned tactics.

still prefer multiple attacks like 10 players attacking at the same time while there is like 2-3 online defender on the other team. aggressive but effective


Not necessarily two backers each run Player 1 leads. It can just be one backer. But yes, this is ultimately the tactic.

The defenders can drop if they want and try to defend the second attack.
No different than teams launching 2-3 attackers on the same base to draw defenders in the first or second and have the 3rd attacker with the biggest players to get 5 flames. I’ve seen that one a few times in my wars.

It is a tactic, use it if you would like :+1:

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What you are describing is not airplane mode. It’s just one of the tactic’s used in war.

I’m 1000% aware. I’ve used it myself, but people tend to blame everything on airplane mode.

I mean, nothing said is against the ToS so I don’t see why it it’s that terrible. You have to have a few players on at once and all of which are coordinating with you at the same time. If it works, it works.

This is a totally acceptable war strategy. Not cheating imo

Personally I think there is no problem with it. It’s really like a decoy.

I mean PG could implement something like if the lead attacker quits, the whole attack gets abandoned.
Not sure if someone would then consider the game more fair, just throwing the idea out there.

My personal opinion is that this is a tactic. It is the game equivalent of a feint. It is artful if done well. I don’t see any problem with it.

Definitely not cheating mate :+1:
Except maybe if it was done to me? Then it might just be cheating :wink::grin:

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Dont worry about people accusing you of ap, this is a legit tactic, no different from sending multiple banners. Everyone loves to cry “ap!” if a big goes down, when more often than not its just poor defending.


It’s kinda questionable
I never used it,so I’m not sure that I’m understanding.
Is it possible to hold top player’s attack till the end of the war ?
And clear/leave multiple attacks like this?
For example,let Noc vine everything and second person will just clean in ?
For example,ppl will send their top flyer 1,2,3 times with backup,so this person will literally do all War attacks?
If so-it’s cheating for me

If ppl doing it one time-i can’t see big problem here.
Just get enough defenders and you should be fine

No no, if the lead quits, they wont get 5 flames. Hes just leaving to start another attack while the defenders are still busy.

As I understand it, they’re basically saying person A begins attack with backer B. As soon as B begins attack, A quits (so no flames from first attack) and attacks the same target immediately with backer C while B finishes the first attack. So A hopes base owner or defenders will still be occupied with first attack and not defend second one.

Seems like a legit tactic to me because you can just have enough defenders online to cover second attack.

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