War time rotation


Exactly my point, give everyone the “no perfect time” so all of use gets the inconvenience of waking up whatever time just for war. Balance.


I think you missed my whole bit about this. I don’t ask my teammates to wake up at stupid times, and I already do wake up at 2/3am for war things often. Changing the start wouldn’t change these things. International teams do better. Changing the war start time would just be more work for the simple reason of “now they get it” thing.


There will always be a team or teams at a disadvantage with rotating war ties.

So the only thing rotating start times does is rotate which teams are at a disadvantage. How does this make any sense?


I would even say rotates players who are at a disadvantage more than just teams.


it affects your team and everyone else therefore it will put everyonr else at a point of disadvantage because of the rotation. So it will be balanced.

And yes nobody would wake up at stupid war time at 4am 3am or whatever time it is. So why not have a rotation? If our team can adjust why not others?


The disadvantage it brings it a pain to schedule constantly changing times. There would be no consistent schedule for my team. We are international with only about 15-20 players available for pre war defends. Any time war starts my team will be fine. I just want consistency.

I do.
It’s a pain.
Be more international?


It does not affect everyone equally based on a number of factors, including team makeup (for example one region team vs international team) and therefore your balanced argument is moot.


The current option is the one that makes the least amount of people unhappy. I say stick with it lol. I use to organize war starts (in a different game) and it was a nightmare to get a good time for people on 4 different continents (Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia). If you want the chance to defend then get people from different geographic regions. If your league caliber is such that defends are necessary, then you need to organize a strong team. I think the burden of something like this falls on the players and not on PG.


When you recruited teammates did you strategically required that they have to be on a specific region so that your tram could be international? You may say you prefer this and that but a player who has all the means to be in a diamond team would be accepted , correct? So it could be that it just so happen that those great players came from different regions right?

You use the term I do, what about others who dont? But just like you i stay awake at 4am just for this war start thing.

Maybe the other suggestions above having x hours of time in preparation will be great. But I still want the element of surprise.

All games are constant when it comes to change. this kind of suggestion has been brought up couple times already, It will benefit some, others wont be happy about it. But I would love to see this to be implemented. Thanks for all the response. :ok_hand:t2:


Haha point. But I am in a good one right now. Again my point is arabic would choose arabic teammates, chinese for chinese japanese for japanese, you know what im trying to convey. Language barrier is a factor that PG also has to consider that not all teams and leadership can accomodate international members.
One of my suggestions , i said that war time changes could be plotted for a whole month. So everything can still be planned well. Imagine the exciting part and more element of surprise in this as all plans and shit can come from different angles, like everything will be completely random head aches after head aches. Coordination will be so difficult that it would make a more fun war.* our war strategy has been stagnant for a long time. This can be very exciting at some point if you look at it in a different angle.



We typically have a waitlist so we accept the person that best suits our needs.


Others who don’t should be part of a more diverse team if they want to move ahead.


So this:




I’ve played games that had rotating war start times. They sucked.


Because it interrupts your lunch time.


People aren’t against rotating times because it “interrupts their lunch time”. I get you don’t like our current war start. However, you cannot speak for others as to why a rotating time sucked for @Jonesy’s experience.

We get it, you want wars to change so they are more convenient for you specifically or inconvenient for others.


Probably we need to learn something from Japanese team…
Almost never have undefended run for their base


Just no to rotating times. Have enough issues without that causing some major break in the game.


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