War today after event

Are wars disabled after event? I have tried declaring but says in maintenance… we didnt get a msg… contacted support and they say there is no announcement for a maintenance :woman_shrugging:

@PGGalileo can you telll me why the maintenance is up? want to war! there is nothing about updates posted either! @PGNines @PGawal

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Maintenance again today… looks like its either event or forever maintenance :joy::joy::joy:

Usually on tuesdays!

Oh boy. Patch Tuesday to compliment last week’s Titanic Thursday, and F***** Friday.
I wonder what treats are in store today!!?!?!!?!

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Whats the big deal? Not like the game is called War Drago–… Oh…

There’s nothing new on the WD Tracker so I don’t know what maintenance would be for. Wars being disabled usually coincides with Atlas PvP being disabled and that hasn’t happened.

@PGGalileo Why can’t WeLive4War live for war today? :stuck_out_tongue:


@PGGalileo also been unable to declare all day. Got a a response to my ticket that this is my issue and that there is no maintenance. Please advise as there are definitely many affected.

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That is rich :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@PGGalileo if the issue is known why isn’t there any communication on it? Your loyal players would like some form of update.

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Same here. Unable to declare for last 20hrs.
Please enable wars.
Or let us know what’s going on.

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If I might scooch just a little more out on a limb: Was are/will be auto disabled on Tuesdays. Patch or not. It would seem to be not this time.

Heya, we started looking into war declaration issues around 6pm yesterday. At that time, the issue didn’t seem to be widespread (few tickets) so we were handling cases individually. I’ll see where we stand on that issue now.

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It’s working now for me

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Just tested, we can declare now too.

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