War Waves - Tactics used in D1?

Just curious, what is the strategy D1 teams use to start a war wave? I know some teams fly on banner, count down, use a time on war clock, etc… wondering what method is most effective.

Mixing it up and not having a pattern or being predictable would be my 2 cents

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I’m not diamond, but I’ve used all methods.

The most successful has been to have a line call, with everyone ready to press the final attack button, and give a verbal go. This formed the tightest waves I’ve seen. It gets a lot of resistance on my team as many don’t want to go on a call. And really it’s high maintenance and I reserve it for situations where it’s important to have extremely tight waves.

My goto is to just have as big of waves as possible, and give an in game chat go. There is a lot of variance based on devices and human response times, but if the wave is large enough it shouldn’t really matter

I have also used a offset from a chat go. Asking people to go 40 seconds or so from the go allows most people to go at roughly the same time but it’s not as tight as a line call and some seem to not use a stopwatch or clock and just do more of a feels like enough time passed.

To me there is far more strategy in how you setup your waves than there is on how to make them tight. Being predictable is a big issue. Teams definitely remember your wave times and such and adjust to counteract.

It’s my understanding that for a while much of Diamond would push to get the entire war done in the first hour. Not sure if that was more rumor than truth, but my team is too distributed to do such a thing.

I’m not sure they remember what war is.


Yeah wars are not so frequent for atlas engaged teams mostly.

Although I’ve seen waving techniques used in atlas so I don’t think the art of the wave is lost.

We war about once a week or so and use a count down in a group chat

What league are you in?

I would think a countdown method would be the most spread out for a wave

I’m in d1 :man_shrugging:



Not sure what you are asking.

We try to war regularly to keep the gears moving and everyone used of it.

Check how many people are showing online with the enemy team, how many people checked in for the wave, and maybe you don’t need it to be that tight. Or maybe it’s some team you have history with and want to send a message of how throughly you can destroy them…

I’ve had Wars where the other team had us beat on defense, so we didn’t wave at all, and ensured every base went down with ideal backup in 1 defend, and we defended the crap out of our bases and won. There are definitely some scenarios where a wave can produce more defends than one at a time.

I feel like people nowadays are too focused on doing waves and not enough using them intelligently. If you do a wave and 1/4 go undefended but 1/3 fail then you’re worse off than you would be going one at a time with guaranteed success. Strategy used in D1 won’t necessarily be effective in lower leagues because of differences in opponents and ability to execute tactics properly. But yeah I think most wave tactics in D1 have been shifted to Atlas. I’ve been retired for D1 for a while though :stuck_out_tongue:


The clock you use is important but not always as critical as the delay when people act on it.

In my experience some wait “just a little” because they want someone else to go first and pull defenders. If enough people do that then that input trigger has a massive dispersion in time . And a loose wave.

If your team is pretty forgiving then I’d encourage people that there is no shame in a failed attack when defenders show up in a war and problem defend hard. When that happens to me I feel that I have done my teammates a favor by drawing defenders away from them.

Anyway that’s my view.

That is a scrub move and has no place in D1 or D2. Hell, any team other than gold. I fully expect 3 defenders every time and so should anyone else playing to win.


Is there less motivation to do war in D1? I mean, not even considering Atlas. But just on the face of war itself. For one thing, there is NO higher league to move up to. And for another, in D1 the rankings have quite a bit of spread between most of the teams. Last I looked I think Dread was ahead of the #2 by like 400 ranking points give or take. So 1 single war win or loss probably doesnt even change the ranking. Probably take 2-3 or even more wars to change the ranking.

So combination of static rankings, no incentive to move up, and atlas providing something else to do, why would D1 even do war?

My point wasn’t that this should be a tactic.

Rather it might explain how wave start times can vary. The point being : make sure the team knows go immediately when the signal comes through.

wars are obsolete, in fact honestly main game in general is obsolete imo. Make atlas the focus

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This legitimately made me laugh out loud.

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