War wavesssss 🌊


Short, simple, to the point.

Fellow leaders/war officers,

What’s the most effective way you’ve found to introduce war waves/structure to your newer members/lower members?

Just looking for suggestions :grin:


ask members to simply show up first✌🏼


Set waves which would cover all time zones in your team
And tell them they gonna get BU and save their time


Set scheduled waves at different time periods(according to the 24hr war clock). Have everyone pick a target that is easy for them to beat even with defenders and have the first half attack while backed by a higher leveled player and vice versa


I wouldn’t let your teammate pick a target, assign them, if you know your team, you should know the strength and weakness of each member. Assign them and send team mail out, you can always change the target on the go If need be, but again, if you know your team well, then you shouldn’t need to.

set a few time frames, 3-4 would be good, night and day to cover time zone differences, if you ( leader) can not be on line during some of the time frames then you need to coordinate with one person on those times to assign lead and backers ( not necessarily be management, but definitely needs to have tremendous organizational skills)

Two chats, Roll Call and War chat, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY should ever talk in there during war except for announcing roles ( backer, lead, defender etc), except for the person assigning and pairing of course.

it will take a few times to get it down, I’d suggest declare some for sure win wars like the 45/50 team(s) to practise with your team :eyes:


Assign attacker and backer pair

Either have the backer select the target or have the leader/officer(s) select the targets for the pair

Use team chat, LINE, Discord, etc to coordinate that everyone is ready and knows their targets

Give command to attack

Quite frankly, unless you are in sapphire or diamond, its too much work and really not necessary in platinum or lower (maybe platinum 1)


The biggest issues i see teams have is the ‘hero’ mentality. Regardless of how you organize your waves and when and all of that. Most teams i see when the wave starts (whatever signal it may be), SOOOO many people like to wait that 1 or 2 seconds, thinking they will be at the back of the wave an may get in undefended. This mentality kills the effectiveness of a wave. Train your players to be proud when they get 2-3 defenders, even if they fails. Becasue those 2-3 defenders are people who are NOT defending your own team mates elsewhere.

When you are suppose to go, everyone must go, immediately! Doing so will make it hard for defenders to handpick who to defend. 15 people within 1/2 a second is effective. 15 people over 3 seconds, is significantly less so.


We use war clock for time as it eases issues with timezones significantly.
We do NOT assign targets. Let’s be honest I have a million other things to do.
Every one must state their Target instead.
Most definitely be proud to take defenders.
I have not seen banner flyer stated in here. This helps keep everyone else close and is pretty much guaranteed to get 2-3 defenders.

Since this is mainly for new people. When I have new people I have everyone show up a few minutes earlier so they can see everything slower and adjust.


I’ve found practice waves to be really effective for new players. Essentially, using an xp base or someone’s alt as a target, run a mock wave. Have someone designated to check on people’s timing (taking note of who flys too early/late) and get that down. Once you’ve got timing down, the rest is just whatever works best for your team (choosing targets, backup, etc)


Thanks for the great advice guys.

We are a large core group of sapphire league players who are familiar with waves, defending, roll call, etc. we came down to build this team.

While we have 25-30 experienced members, there are also about 20 smaller/new guys who have never left gold league. We are about to hit platinum and have a team of 50/50 war hitters. Wanted to get the ball rolling on getting our wars a little more organized, everyone here has offered solid advice to take into consideration.

Thanks again!


People can judge for themselves how high they can hit and what style of bases depending on their dragons and skills. Don’t try to do people’s job for them by assigning them a target :slight_smile:


well most of the time is like Mike says, the hero mentality kicks in and people start taking targets they “think” they can hit but ended up failing badly, assigning targets for them will avoid that “mentality”, if they can in fact hit higher, then it can be adjusted in the next war. :eyes:


We have a very strict rule that you hit no one higher than 1/2 the power of your best dragon w/out backup. Only one player had to be dismissed before everyone else shaped up (he was a 5x repeat offender).

Special war chat where we declare if we’re there to attack, defend, or back up and our target. Current war leader checks each target for appropriateness for players new to the team. More long term team members are trusted as they earn it.


On my team you get put in your place VERY fast if you are always trying targets you can’t hit. Officers also know who to pair to account for any slight oversights lol


I would also let the people being backed know they need to leave rage for a backer. So many times I’ve been backing people and have no rage and end up dropping :unamused:


Well just about 99% of the time everyone gets five flames even with defenders so… to each their own strategy.


that’s your team, you cant compare your team to hers :eyes: she should know her team, and you wouldn’t unless you are on her team :eyes:


Really? In 3 wars all declared by separate teams working together we had collectively 270 defends on 3 teams. Maybe you need to work on your bases?


I find one way to stop the who goes first issue is assign a trigger


Oh trust me, this isn’t my main. This is just my alt