WarDragons Almanach V2 - (Updated 10/8/2022 - Data 7.10 + Hotfix)

After @Sandberg sadly but understandable closed down dragon manager (and came back again later and finally shut down), I started my own site to show the relevant info based on the data from the game file, before he came back:

WarDragons Almanach

Thanks already to all the people supporting me on this!

@Morreion Neon War Dragons


Looks like a nice beginning :v: Good luck in developing and in growing.

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Thank you so much for your time and efforts.:relaxed:

Looks good, am not a real graph type of guy, so that is kinda useless IMHO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most players look at resources and restrictions exclusively. At least I do, tables look good.

Happy hunting,


I like the graphs at the top. Might be handy for illustrating the curve players face. Can we select the column we want to draw?

I implemented the charts for the people who want to compare the usefulness of towers, i.e. Storm vs. Earth Flak, or for graphical review of ATK/HP evolution and so on and so forth. But if you have no need for it, I have an idea, I will make a button to switch the chart on and of then most likely with off as default :slight_smile:.


I just implemented the “pinned” mode for the Level column, therefore you can now move the wanted column beside the level and highlight the row by selecting which works fine on my mobile.


I am pretty sure the level requirement is wrong here @mechengg correct me if wrong

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No you are right, the requirements are from the base file at the moment and need to be adjusted.


Did some updates today:
Line Dragons

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Nice, I like the layout, thanks so much for your effort in this :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Great! Could you add Storage to the Base section? Was looking for it today to see gold capacity, and can’t find it.

Will do.

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Looks great. Love the layout, simple and intuitive.

It looks like divine dragons are not added yet. This would be a huge help.

Thanks for your hard work.


Just added, needs some cleanup for the unavailable Dragons. However it shows Namaka as a obvious strong dragon with Abyssal Tier to come.


Thanks so much!

Much appreciated for your efforts.

I can tell you, the only thing I ever used dragon-manager for, which was often, was to see when towers and dragons uncapped in relation to the builder hut and den level, as well as when those 2 uncap. I never cared much about attack power or hp since it meant f-all with the release of gears and riders.

If you could find a way to simplify that, I think it would be a big win for the more practical users of your resource.

Thanks again for your efforts, I look forward to seeing how it turns out :+1:

Edit: while I use and appreciate what Kate is doing, a web based resource is more practical than having 4 or 5 Google sheets to sort though. Particularly for phone users.


I like the fact that this is an internet based site similar to DManager.

While the google sheets is nice, having to download the files every single time i want to quickly verify something (sometimes dozens or even 60-80 times a day) isn’t good.



@xGOxMerlin can u add a column at the dragons leveling about the player,s base level matching the den , I see u have two columns speed and time which arent that neccesary than level of player matching den

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Hello and thank you so much for putting this together! Would you be able to add info on perches and totems?