WarDragons Almanach V2 - (Updated 11/11/2020 - Data 5.28 + Hotfix)

The numbers are definitely updated with the new discounts, they’re the same as I see on my site, and they’re different from the fort plan sheet I made for myself last week.

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The same discounts apply to both timers and rss.

lvls 41-65 unchanged at 60%
66-75 now 65%
76-85 now 75%
86-95 now 85%
96-105 now 90%

Not quite.

41-50 went from 60% to 50%
51-55 went from 60% to 55%

The rest is correct.


my bad i checked only level 60 which is not discounted and i thought discount not applied yet lol ha ha

So who’s gonna update Red’s breeding guide with discounts and new tier?


Evidently whomever Red passed her stuff to is not doing it and not passing it on for whatever reason.

This person is working on creating something similar but working backwards from the higher tiers. I’d keep using Red’s if you’re in lower tiers, just know that it doesn’t have the latest discounts applied so some tiers may be cheaper than she shows.

I’m sure this will lead to a great flowering of different private modified versions of Reds in reality.


If I wouldn’t be so close to quit I would have created something already using a GraphDB, simply updated with the Gamefiles.

However as some might have noticed I didn’t update some elements to the latest release by now. Maybe I will find some fun again in WD somewhen in future which I currently doubt a lot.

Maybe, as it seems that only a few people are using my site anyways, I can build something with @Morreion that he can incorporate into his site.


Updated to the latest data and added the missing graphics.


Updated to 5.27 + Hotfix


Hey man! It would be great if you could also add builder hut requirement for all towers. Because i found someone with a lev 94 perch at 435… wondering if perch has no limit based on builder hut.

Perch is Playerlevel based and not a Tower because it can’t be moved:


Updated to 5.28 + Hotfix

New Hueso


UPDATE: Changed Data Version to latest Hotfix to enable Verdant Mytrhics

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Unknown if others have issue too

Hmm, interesting. I have the same numbers on my site that Merlin has, and my diff doesn’t show any change in the files for Faf’nyr either. I’ll go have a peek at my non-expert dragons to see if there’s any others.

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Strange, same here:

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I just checked and my lvl 49 Gunnar shows the same, XP for evolving to vanguard is lower. Maybe it’s because the first level of a new tier still gets the discount % of the previous tier (not actually being in the next tier yet)?

Seems correct as 8,202,510 is the number I get, matching in game.

That might be correct! However even so it is somewhat logical it is still weird that no one saw this before :joy: