WarDragons Almanach V2 - (Updated 11/11/2020 - Data 5.28 + Hotfix)

I just opened this site for the first time and I really like what I’ve seen. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. It is appreciated.

Sure, I will implement this in the future.



Done Perches

Did some rework of the code today and slightly adapted the view for Base and Towers which should help on mobile devices. Will rework some more things tomorrow before I am going to implement new features like the ones requested above and Breeding.

Can you please add base level requirement for dragons? :pleading_face:

Sure, already on the list.

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Looks like site is unavailable now, like domain is not valid anymore or smth :frowning:
Have you moved it somewhere, or what happens?

Seems like DNS entry is missing, forwarded to my Provider. Should be back soon.

EDIT: Back on line

So I updated the codebase to be ready to implement new features.

I added tier and rarity to dragons and a second scale for the attack (as suggested by @Eidolon).


Awesome work, Mate!
Kudos :pray::clap:

Would it be possible to add one more column for towers and farms / mills - required lvl of builder? Miss that a lot, when tower level is maxed :slight_smile:

Are the tables TINY for anyone else?

Did you look at them on the site?

I mean, the font is small, but manageable. And I’m old.


comparison to forum

it’s not that I can’t read them just significantly smaller than everything else

They are really tiny when I look at the site on my iPad :eyes: I do the finger spreading trick to zoom in on the tables to make them more manageable to see.

Just implemented this. That was my bad, the data was already available but I simply missed to add it to the grid during night time :).

I slightly increased the size already, however, this needs to be addressed going forward, especially for mobile devices. As I do this site as a hobby I am not that experienced with responsive designs yet, but I am open for contributors.


Could u add in the dragons part another collom next to den as what level player u need to be to be at the den level

Yes, that is already on the list.

@xGOxMerlin This is awesome. Started using it for my charts. Thank you.
Is it possible to add spells to the dragons and unlock levels.
Keep up the great work here. :+1::+1:

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Just implemented.