Wardragons.com outdated

Dear PG,

I think a website that is regularly updated helps to show the quality of your product as well as advertising and attracting potential new customers and keeping established and new players updated.

Your website wardragons.com is very outdated and needs some love.

Game Info

  • :x: Dragons: The latest dragons are from Emerald Tier, that’s two tiers behind now
  • :x: Buildings: The three Flaks, the Rune Vault and updated stats are missing
  • :x: Abilities: Seems like the latest skills are from Emerald Tier aswell
  • :x: Portraits: The latest portrait seems to be from April 2016, almost two years old
  • :heavy_check_mark: Support: Up to date



  • :x: Statistics: Removed. This was one of my favourites when I started, to see how many players had the latest top tier dragon (Khrysos at that time)
  • :heavy_check_mark: Leaderboards: Up to date
  • :heavy_check_mark: Creators Faction: Not much to update here but maybe the Gameplay Faction now also deserves their category
  • :x: Featured Artwork: Outdated. Perhaps a few simple links to social media channels or the latest creative forum contests would do the job
  • :x: Guides: Breeding guides outdated. The six sources are mostly heavily outdated, not accessable, or from players who quit or who got banned for hacking. I suggest updating this ASAP or removing the whole topic. Updated sources are Dragon Manager and Red’s Breeding paths


  • :heavy_check_mark: Videos: Mostly up to date but not quite sure
  • :x: Images: Very outdated, latest updates look like Gold Tier dragons
  • :x: News: Latest news are from April 2016, almost two years old
  • :x: FanKit: Nothing new here either


  • :x: Shop: Nothing new here. I bet the items from the swag bag would generate some good income here (this is me hoping)

I would love to hear if there are any plans on updating the content.

I like that the Leaderboards seem to have been updated just recently (happy to see my team on there!) but I personally would also really like to see an updated statistics page (how many players have Destar?) and that amazing coffee mug in your shop (again, just dreaming here, I know you guys ordererd limited quantities just for the Atlas party and some giveaways) :grin:


This very much! When I started playing a few months back the War Dragons site was not very helpful at all, and what info it did give was heavily outdated. Only once I found this forum via google did I get some decent information together.

As for the guides’ section, I’d add Mechengg’s base guide too:

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Priorities man, priorities. There are good third party sites with up to date information. Let PG worry about fixing the game itself first.

I saw that kind of reply coming.
Would it surprise you if I told you that people working on website content are not the same people working in ingame bugs?
So that statement is invalid.


REMINDER TO ALL: Do not suggest anything new on this forum until all the bugs in the game are fixed.

Thank you

Great job putting together a ridiculously easy-to-read post for PG to use to update their nearly unusable website. I couldn’t agree more.


Congrats on the most useless reply from today.
Now do us a favor and read my post above yours and stop being ignorant.
Thank you.

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It was sarcasm, lad.

I’ve wondered about it for a long time. Thanks Mare for the nice post!

I tried to download files from fan kit, and the Dropbox says the files do not exist… breaks a fan’s heart guys :’

I volunteer to do the work! (Probably not since it’s official domain) but yeah… if they busy I can do it

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Unless I’ve mixed up people’s roles I think this deserves some attention from @PGCrisis or @Arelyna


@MareZ, thank you so much for posting this! Yes, we are aware that the website could use some love. We’re discussing the best way to go about updating everything as soon as possible, and we super appreciate your guide :wink:

As for merch items, there’s a possibility we’ve already begun discussions about this…we may have more to come later in 2018 for Dragons swag! :smiley:

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They had to hide the statistics because golds weren’t hard to get lmao, knowing how many players have harbingers might dampen spirits

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Count me in! :heart_eyes:

When I started only about 300 players had Khrysos according to the statistics page.
Would be nice to see Harb stats, even if it‘s just to cut down on cheating :grin:

I cant tell if you are supportive of or criticizing my opinion LOL

I’m ambivalent towards the website because I’ve never bothered to try and consult it, but I was being dickish over the constant stream of people who poopoo every suggestion because they think it takes attention from whatever they consider important.

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