Wardragons Trailer

Wardragons had pretty awsome trailers back then and I compiled som of it.

© to wardragons

And thanks @Alleviates for the cool intro lettering! :yum:


Fennrok was the most beautiful spit in the face pg ever gave us that lasted 2 weeks :heart_eyes:

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Fennrok was the reason I stopped spending money on this game for over a year! :expressionless:

Who that? Lol. I think he is blacked out in my breeding hall area.

Did i see evasion…

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I was more focused on real life ash.

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He is fenrir with really nice runic skin, and amarok’s abilities (reverse projectiles instead of cure poison) gold divine released 2 weeks before platinum tier came out

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Im surprised that trailer did not have any lag issues.

Lol y u always criticize PG ? :see_no_evil:

This is great. It’s a lot more honest than some of the recent decptions which are around.

Some of the trailers of other games has sexuality type of vids to attract players lol.

I’ll play anything if Kate Upton is involved! lol

Search it up, i think she had game ad back then

i know. that was the joke… :slight_smile: