Wardragons Wiki - Updates


A lot of information has been entered (still missing a lot of seasonal dragon info though). Things are categorized and cross-linked to help people search for a particular tier dragon, element type, or a dragon with a certain spell.

I’d like to get some help from people experienced with creating wiki content. Wishlist of skills (one or more is preferable):

  • wiki templates
  • cargo extension (i need an expert)
  • dpl extesnsion
  • image extraction and manipulation
  • python

if you do want to edit, please use/modify the existing templates.

in other games i’ve seen the publisher employees get involved in the wikis. your help is welcome too!

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I have a lot on my plate right now but im curious as to why you need python for a wiki, so ill be willing to help you with that as long as is not crazy time consuming.

the game data is all in csv, xml, or other delimited formats. the python scripts are there to convert from those formats into wiki code. the wiki code is all nicely aligned for column edit (i use vi and copy/paste into the wiki editor)

So you don’t specifically need python. That said formatting the files context is pretty simple, hit me whenever.

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