Warning - Do not trade material for gemstone

I traded all crafting material for gemstones… I’m screwed for this atlas event. Would’ve been nice to know that gemstone don’t count for event point before claiming


A response was given. But it was widely missed as it came in the form of an edit to an existing post.

I also didn’t see it until it was too late


@DragonPunch will there be any accommodation for those of us who support gemstone release and cannot participate in this gear leveling event for atlas ?

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I really don’t want to blame the victim here but I’m honestly not surprised, given how the question was initially answered and PG’s track record.

How stupid, like htf do you code in a crafting item and not code it to the atlas event it’s connected too, seriously you can tell pg don’t play the game just make things to make money


It also would of been nice to have it announced in the game since not everyone in the game uses the forums. Honestly I think pg relies on people coming to the forums, their twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and possibly reddit (dont know if the game has that one or not). They need to send announcements out in game again that will effect the players, aka stuff like this. For the new season of atlas, they can either send a link to the offical forums post or find a way to condense it down and send it like they do normally.
Its not fun being left in the dark and thats what theyre doing but leaving out the most important spot to tell people whats happening.


there is normally a detail saying how many points you get for shards and scrolls etc when you use them?

if they said how many points you were to get from these new things then it should be no problem to get them credited i would recon.

if they were not mentioned as giving points then you got what was offered maybe a few more than nothing…


great personality.

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