Warning! Don’t build ice flaks!

Just did multiple test runs vs a maxed (lv 60) ice flak.

2 empirical findings.

  1. It does close to zero damage vs Estril.

  2. The spell freeze lasts 1 second. This is a huge waste for a super shot.

Result: this tower is fucked from the start!

Wtg PG. I will soon add a video here. First run I got the “no video recorded” message.


Add long super shot windup to that list :woman_facepalming:

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Yeah I deliberately let an ice flak hit me multiple times and the supershot was literally a split second freeze of spells. Useless.

It’s amazing people have one maxed already

Don’t forget it disables ongoing spells too…well…still useless. I wish I hadn’t built one. I used over 15k elemental embers sadly. I’m hoping PG changes it

As promised. It’s on left back of the second island I also slowed down to show how USELESS dark flaks are (yeah Estril has dark flak resist still no damage thanks to the massive nerf).


Wow the supershot effect duration is exactly the same as the low level one I faced. Great job PG! :rofl: What a useless tower

Edit: so they stacked all the recent dragons with DF resist because it was taking down dragons LR&C. Then they go ahead and supernerf DF so now those dragons are practically invincible. Cue new round of “rebalancing” by introducing level 80 towers (no it won’t be level 65 or 70 it will be 80). Bloody idiots all.


Dang. I am more intrigued by the fact that those dark flaks did NOTHING. What a let down.


Thanks for the video. Found a level 11 and it took 3 shots to take down a level 1 Ember so I wasn’t impressed but glad to see a higher level in action. Looks just as ineffective. Probably goes into the same category of fire flaks… junk.


Lmao, people complaining how op ice flak was on paper before it was released and how hunters were dead and now ppl complaining that they want it to be stronger :joy:


I guess it depends on how much people were concerned about decreasing hunter ammo regen.

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Sad, very very sad. New towers don’t come out often, dark flak was the last good release and they squashed it. How do u get excited about new stuff when the devs don’t take the time to create workable balanced new towers?


So it does nothing to slow hunter ammo regen, and it’s less useful than a trebuchet, which stops your main attack as well as your spells.
Is that correct?


Actually, in times of dark flak resists a trebuchet is the better tower as any of the 3 flaks.

I think alot of people assumed it would have high damage potential as well base on the old flaks. I flew into an ice flak and it was unimpressive.

I think a lot of people assumed they would be strong because below was their advertised power at level 50. Clearly even at level 60 they aren’t at advertised power. Like buying a jeep on EBay motors and when it arrives at your house, it is a Power Wheels.


Lol. Yeah some ppl just love to cry n complain about everything. Nomatter what nerf or buff they will complain.:roll_eyes:


Excuse me sir did you watch the video?

If yes tell me if that’s the tower you’re waited for. In case you’re a low level and have no embers at all think about before you make such an unqualified comment.

Thank you


Lol owl they sold it like it’d be a unicorn that can shit rainbows and gold didn’t they. Well played PG. :rofl:

  • reduction in hunter ammo - negative
  • high damage - negative
  • useful supershot - negative