Warning: dont upgrade your egg missions right now - bug causes egg balloon to disappear

Now would not be a good time to upgrade your egg mission balloon. I just upgraded mine from garnet to emerald and immediately after doing so the entire balloon disappeared and now I cant do egg missions at all. Also tried going in through the achievement quests menu, but doing that causes it to go grey screen and crash. I have a service ticket in. Posting the warning here to save other people the hassle. If you were thinking about upgrading, best to wait until next game update because this one has a bug in it!!

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Upgraded mine and it just blinked out and then appeared again.

Restarted and it’s there. Might just be yours. I’m using Android device btw.

You better start upgrading your storage like crazy your about to run into a brick wall lol


I have one of my two builds dedicated to storage. Runs 24/7/365 nothing but storage upgrades. Unfortunately each one only adds like 20k. The storage building levels are ridiculous.

Two forts from now I expect to be stuck due to breeding, wont be able to do my hut until I get Harb eggs. So for that fort I will just do nothing but storage all fort LOL.

@fyreflie Was just giving you a heads up because that’s a really low level storage for your level and will cause big problems for you soon.

Going off just your level your more then likely Starting in Harb or about to reach Harb but you won’t be able to hatch a Harb for awhile.
Obvs don’t quote me But you need to upgrade that definitely over 10 times probably more like 15 times :grimacing: That’s a lot of timers!
Iirc you’ll need storage up to 1.75 or 1.78 or around there to upgrade incubator to hatch.
Good thing is it’ll go up to 50k each level but that’s not for awhile Idr it may be after 1.75.

AnywYs good luck :+1:


Well said.
Hatching dragons, incubator and castle levels, as well as actual tower levels will all be effected very very shortly.
It’s not enough to just keep them upgrading, you will guaranteed need to use a ton of timers on storage. Good news is that it’s good event points per timer used.

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Para qué sirven los tickets de servicio?

It also lets you use less diamonds upgrading primes in atlas

Yeah, actually had that revelation this event. Small me did not know that one would need to keep their storage constantly upgrading, and I realized, having hit level 300 this fort, that I needed 1.6mil wood to upgrade my incubator to hatch harbs next breed. I had a capacity of 1.3mil. So I spent myself down to 15 minute timers after opening 90 gold chests for more timers and was cursing myself the entire time I did it, but now my incubator is upgrading and at least I know I’ll be able to uncap my hut next breed.

Ruined my plans to get to 330 next fort though. Only have myself to blame.

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How come I forgot this?
Thanks for reminding me. Gotta change my fort plan…


I am grateful that I kept up with my storage as I went. When I was on my Plat 4 team ages ago, one of the bigs on the team (was big compared to the rest of the team, but I wouldn’t consider them to be a big player considering how the game looks now lol) ran into issues from not keeping on top of the storage upgrades. I made sure not to make the same mistakes and diligently made sure to max my storage for my level each fort.

Yep listening to the advice of others… I slow built the hut between forts last build during fort event… if I was more than 5 from cap (once) I speed once during a fort and restarted… 28 days until it is capped again, so next fort ready to upgrade… thanks for the knowledge older wisened players

The doctor

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Just to close out the original topic, a reinstall of the game solved the egg balloon issue. So its not as bad as I initially feared it would be - although it was a pain in the ass as usual.

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