WARNING! Hacker!

I was informed by another player that there is someone going by Wardragonsfreerubies on instagram offering free rubies but they are a hacker. Please be careful guys💛

well, if someone got lured by that, i think they deserved it much like how a person gets lured by a phishing site when they are asked to put their credit card to prevent the “ban” from happening to their account.

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Some people are naive but that doesn’t nean they deserve to be hacked. Just passing along what I was told. Please be kind and respectful. Thank you

PG can’t force instagram to put it down.

best thing you can do is ask people you know to report the page on instagram itself and hope for a movement on their end.

also, send a message to your whole team that the page is a scam to prevent future issue.

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I just copy/pasted CampusLifer’s post “Don’t cheat” and saved it in notes to warn ppl

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First you victim blame and then you straw man…lol. You didn’t even do a simple Google search to realize that PG’s Instagram account can report them for impersonation and scamming.

@XShevaX Please look at the support instructions on Instagram for reporting accounts. Https://help.instagram.com/165828726894770

well you can call it that way, but that’s just my opinion on it.

can’t edit what I have said so instead of editing it and changing it to something else, then I can at least say something that can help.

I know that what I said is wrong for some people, but, that’s just my way of seeing it.

I know, that’s why I put the post on here. Tnx hun💛

Thanks hun. Just looking out for everyone :yellow_heart:

still remembering the time where I fall to that scam when I was a kid. lost my max level character on another game because I got greedy.

Hun I didn’t victimize or blame anyone. I was told this and I just passed it along. I do not have Instagram so I know nothing about it. I just know alot of people do and am just looking out for everyone. Please be respectful and not rude. Thank you💛

he was referring to me when i said that they deserve it if they fall to it.

it happens, that’s why I passed this along. I’d hate for others to get hacked💛

Oh, gotcha. It’s ok. Don’t worry about it. I appreciate your humbleness and trying to help💛

Share it with everyone that has Instagram , to watch out for this guy.

That one keeps following and unfollowing me trying to get my attention lol

I don’t have Instagram or otherwise I would contact them and ask them to ban that guy

He just likes your puppy i bet

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