Warning to all playing

Apparently there are men here who are sending nude pics to little girls who are playing the game. That is sick and we should send a message to these freaks that they need to leave the kids alone. I am freaked out by the conversation on league chat. The dude had her calling him daddy. Very sick. This is a heads up

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What defines little girl?

Because there is a suggested age limit to play if I remember right

They would also have to give him information to be able to send these pics.
If on Line app your able to block a person there also


Report in-game. There is no need to post on forums.


There is no way to send pictures in game. Teach kids not to give out their #'s, join Line chats, etc. Not saying what’s done is right, but it won’t be done unless a “little girl” allows it…

Edit: Also, that little girl could be a 300lb fat dude with pizza grease in his beard.


Daddy is not a horrific word tho

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I am in this LC. Sad sack screaming for attention and a bunch of fools eating it up. Been this way for a week. Four hours and twenty minutes and I am free from this garbage.

Pics can be sent through messaging in the forum …

Hence the posting on the forum instead of following official channels…

I was a ‘little girl’ too and must agree with Coach as long as girl accepts such behavior she likes it. Also she knows where this can lead her to.
Kids nowadays are not so naive and innocent.


If little girls open themselves to bad things it will happen.

It’s the responsibility of the parents, not War Dragons.



Who is to say they are not a couple trolls doing it for this type of attention. Block and report them. Don’t feed the trolls.


Not a matter of responsibility but doing what is right.


It’s pseudo-in game since our player names are automatically changed. :thinking:

No they are not, forum names and portraits only update once you re-log. (At least for me). I also know few people that have different names here then in game.

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True. Who said something about something about stuff going to rubbish when people look away from wrong? I forget, either way it is every adult’s responsibility to protect the young. :slightly_smiling_face:


Still in game in my view. Not a separate app to get to it. Game doesn’t have to reload while getting on and off the forum. But we can agree to disagree. :rose:

If we KNEW they were young. You can help most effectively by letting PG do the investigating

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I feel this is an ethical debate not really suited for a war dragons forum. If you suspect something illicit then log it with pg. they will take action.

Posting this publicly has a chance of causing a witch hunt and right now all we have is your word on this. That and a debate on responsibilities and who needs to do what really won’t end well here.

Log it. If it’s a genuine incident pg will not tolerate it and the perpetrators will be dealt with. They are the only ones with access to all in game information. If it’s outside of wd then it needs to be logged on that platform


For me it didn’t change even with re-logging, but when I quoted discobot on the advanced training.