Warning - Upgrade times using More timers then needed!

I’ve noticed that on one of my upgrades if I use the apply multiple it uses several days more worth of timers.
I’ve tried exiting out of game and tried to delete/reinstall a few times nothing corrects it.

It wants to use the same amount of timers with every upgrade. I have an ice turret with only
12 days left but it wants to use almost 30 days…Same with storage 25 days left but wants to use almost 30 days!

So I honestly don’t know how long this has been going on because I usually just hit apply multiple, don’t check and just finish the upgrade

Did you tap “Apply Multiple” and check the results of that?

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That’s what you have, not what will be used… :joy:


No took wrong screenshot lol but still shows like
30 days when apply
Multiple…Only caught it because was thinking damn 51 12 hr timers Seems like a lot for 12
Days lol

Show us?

This picture show how much time left to finish

this one is when you click apply and it will tell you how much timer it will use


I have the same issue and a ticket in with support my troops are taking double timers and it’s irritating trying to tlalk with support

@PGJared this needs to be looked at because he’s not the only one with this issue

Is there a ticket number for this? I can have someone check it out in the morning.

Looks right to me. 13 - twelve hour timers = 6 full days and an extra 12 hours. 2 - one hour timers bring the total to 6 days and 14 hours. The remainder is just clean up timers.

Is this an actual issue with the game or an issue with the players not knowing what they are doing/how to add?


Yeah never noticed this before, although I don’t always check. But I’ve yet to see a screenshot with an incorrect count posted by anyone.

I’m going to need to be shown that you have a legit case and didn’t just screw up in your original post. The text you wrote matches exactly with the screenshots you provided

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it is not about me. I just show him how to check it correctly instead of just view total amount of speed up

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