Warrior goes boom

Just thinking of a warrior, drawing a bit of inspiration from sorathim.

Dudebro the dragon homie!

He sounds more like a fire element but I guess he would work as wind.

Grand finale- two part spell, 2white/ 0white
First part starts an explosive shield that absorbs all damage taken from towers for 4 seconds and than explodes for 50% damage absorbed. Second part of spell teleports the dragon forward and detonates shield early. 6sec cooldown.
I think it still needs to do a lot of damage because I still want him to jump levels with a skilled enough flyer and because of the longish cooldown he would be able to spam it.

Opps take number two- 1white
Dragon teleports backwards and gains 20% increased movement speed and causes madness to towers in range for one second(towers attack each other instead of the dragon) 2 second cooldown
I was also thinking about removing the movement speed on this and just having madness but I kind of like movement speed.

Your momma joke- two part spell 0white/1red
Dragon makes fun of towers momma, towers do a 100% extra damage to the dragon and 200% increased projectile speed towards dragon for 3 seconds but can’t use super shots for the duration, second half, dragon tells the punch line and stuns the towers for 1 sec and reduces tower damage by 50% for 4 sec. the duration is the cool down.

Get pumped! - 1white 20% mod hp
Sacrifices 20% mod hp to gain 3 rage and throws out heal marks on all towers in range. 5 sec cool down.

This dragon will be op! Or complete trash I’m not sure which yet.

Just for fun and if you got suggestions let me hear them.

I want him to be a warrior that can jump levels like a lot of invokers but he’s risky to use because his defense is also his offense and if an ice flak super shot gets through he has no shield. His freeze is locked behind a tower damage buff so if his shield disappears than he will just die.

The inspiration for the dragon is that one friend in your group who always talks big. Like I imagine this guy going into a fight but talking shit first than doing his ultimate move while bragging and when it doesn’t beat the enemy he back tracks and gets everyone to attack each other instead. Like really show boating and all that.


Looks kinda fun to fly I guess. But I think the dragon name and spells need a little work though haha.

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Hahah, It would be OP 100%

40% at once of full HP of a warrior is a huge number, let’s make this 15%, I would say 20-25 but you also added the damage taken. 60% of an explotion with an invincible shield, that would be more than dragon’s HP, and well even that would be enough to destroy all the towers, make it 5%

Good addition for a combo

This is really cool, but there are already huge damages coming from the shield, and also we have the 3rd spell which increases the damage that towers take. Let’s keep this at 200%

This one has almost no difference than freezing. Normal shots of the towers, hardly can take a dragon down actually. With the 500% breath boost, towers would get 1000% more damage with this spell from breath attack, but if we keep it 200%, increasing damage taken by 100% is fine.
Edit: I forgot we got already a high damage dealing shield, and this effects the shield damage too, 50% damage increase is better

This needs a lot of nerfs imo, remove the damage decrease function and it’s fine, because basically 4 seconds of freeze at total, and we have a powerful protection spell too

3 rage is fine, so at total dragon gains 2 rages. But adding also rage marks would be OP. Heal marks are fine so we got a health regeneration

Overall, It would be fun to fly and actually a strong Warrior


And when he defeats a base, he shotguns a beer and crushes the can on his head


Sorry I miss worded that. The spell increases how much damage they do to the dragon. It makes the towers 100% stronger for 3 seconds. But prevents them from supers hitting so they can’t break the shield. It puts more damage on the shield quicker so it does more damage when it goes boom. It’s supposed to be used with the shield but also presents a risk to the dragon if they miss time it.

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No I double checked it now your wording was fine, I got it wrong because I haven’t seen a spell like this before, and this is unique

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Now that I fixed the wording on the first it no longer looks like a four sec freeze. It’s one second so that you can stop the high damage shots that might still be coming in from the first part of the spell but it can be half a second as well. The 50% damage reduction is needed because he will just get killed by towers because he has no shield and the only way he can survive is by doing damage to him self and throwing rage marks out which lowers his health even more. We can scale back his damage from breath so that he doesn’t do too much damage.

I made sure that his spells don’t line up too perfectly with timing so it presents a risk if they miss time most of them except the freeze one that reduces damage. I locked it behind having to wait the full duration of the tower buff.

I just thought about how to make a warrior more challenging to fly while also still making them rewarding if flown right but still keeping the feel of what a warrior is. He will be able to hit up levels for sure because of the massive damage on his explosive shield.

How does he look now or do you think his shield will be too much still? I increased projectile speed as well because 3 seconds isn’t too long and they might only shoot 2 volley at normal speed and maybe only one from hoz.

I changed a lot of his spells up both in their timing and how they work.

Shield is way too much with 40% of his HP and 60% of damage taken really, leave it 30% of his HP that’s all, this also saves us to calculate more numbers :sweat_smile:

lemme see

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How about 0% hp damage and 40% damage from attacks. I made his whole kit around taking the damage and sending it back. So I really want to have that invert on. Shield feel. I removed the breath damage so he can really only kill the base two ways now and it’s through the shield and having the towers kill themselves.

Damage taken with an invincible but also teleportable Warrior is really risky. Imagine you teleport yourself at the middle of the island, prevent the towers by making super attacks, howitzer, flaks, orrery, drakul etc. Too much, this shield needs a cap, like 50% of his HP. Which means when it explodes it will deal 35% of his HP as damage, which is fine as is

Me too haha, leave it :grin:

Well, again with an invincible shield, you say, ‘shoot me more, I don’t take any damage, your all gonna die soooon!’ It turns out a crazy moment, all towers are attacking really fast dealing too much damage, you just need to use your shield and this spell

I really like that disabling function, but this idea needs a lot of work on the other numbers, you basically removing all the function of the towers, and by doing that, increasing their attack power and fire rates that deal more damage onto your invincible shield, which makes this Warrior use shield and Your momma joke booom

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Ya true, it will do a lot of damage but if it gets hit by an ice flak or some other shield break than you will be screwed the only way the dragon has to stop those is the your momma spell but that’s also a double edged sword if you wait too long and it wears out or if you don’t do it fast enough and your shield gets broken. And if they wait to long before the shield triggers and the earth flak or cosmic gets a shield up than it will do no damage and will be a sitting duck getting destroyed by the towers it can’t do any damage to . Especially if it’s a silence.

If the spell doesn’t kill the towers than a defender can just heal all of them back up before the dragon can get to use the shield again.

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I removed the percent hp damage so he can only do damage with the shield if it absorbs damage from towers. I could reduce the duration of the super shot lock down on the your momma or just remove the projectile speed increase, so that the duration is short for how much damage it can absorb. But I want it to do a lot of damage so that he can hit up. I don’t really know how to make it risky and rewarding. I already limited his shield to only one spell while he does have a freeze it’s far from spam able has short duration. He can’t stop cosmic towers from dragons him through the island besides teleporting backwards but that can cause him to miss towers with his explosion.

He feels like he would take a decent amount of skill to fly. Mostly in the timing.

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