Warrior/Sorcerer Two Handed Bug when Using Targetable Red Spells

I am having problems with a bug when I play with two hands. I use my right index finger for the dragon’s flame thrower or swipe attack and my left thumb for triggering spells.

When I cast a targetable red spell, lets say freeze for example, then the flame thrower or swipe attack stops so that you can fire the red spell at its target. You tap the target to fire the red spell, like a hunter’s attack. After firing the red spell the regular flame thrower / swipe attack is supposed to resume.

But it frequently doesn’t resume. After firing the red spell at its target there is very often no flame thrower / swipe attack. For sorcerers I can see the little red tracking square following my finger swipe, but no targeting circles appear on potential targets as I swipe over them. For warriors there is just nothing at all.

Usually this can be fixed by removing both hands completely from the screen momentarily and that resets it. But sometimes even that doesn’t work and you die because you are unable to shoot.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have the same problem with Anuba (as I hardly ever use any other sorcerer). My solution is lifting up both hands for 1 second and then resume.

With Warriors I have no problem. Left hand for activating spells, right hand to execute attack.

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I have experienced this with Kinnarus. I don’t typically keep my left hand rested on the screen, but it is used to tap the spells button. I have noticed if I don’t pick up my right finger and place it back on the screen after casting Earthquake, the targeting doesn’t work.

I do think this is new since the last updated, because I hadn’t noticed this problem until recently.

Most often when this has happened to me I e eventually figured out that my chubby hands were in contact with a part of the screen I didn’t notice.

That’s what I thought at first too, but on rare occasions completely removing both hands from the screen fails to restore the attack so I’m not sure that’s it.

With the exception of your second to last sentence regarding removing hands not working sometimes, yes, this has been my experience for over a year with some red and white spells. There has been a perceptible, and often fatal, delay between the switch from those spells back to the primary attack mode…but I have not found that it would ever not switch back…well, except when the dragon is defeated. Could it be device or OS related?

after using eartquake on kinnarus i have to tap on a target like a hunter dragon to reset his normal swipe attacks

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