Warriors and perch

Is putting a legendary warrior on perch a big loss compared to mythic?

Currently still have mehaten on perch because I have maxed fire gear. I know oni is fire, but then I need to backbreed methalex before backbreeding oni. I started working on dark gear for gig in the future but it will be a long way to go.

So Is putting Leo’s obsidian legendary better then mehaten divine saphire?

here is the difference between a legendary and mythical warrior over the perch:
-Normal warrior 15% Hp
-Mythical warrior 15% hp plus 25% hp at a random tower every 4/5 seconds (and you see a kind of shield above)

That I know, but how does the dmg output compare

2 tiers separate the sapphire from the obsidian. If you put Leo on the perch, you would have a higher attack rate.

I would keep Mehaten, i don’t think the damage is significant at this level relative to your flaks and stuff. Not that the tower ward is tremendous, but in defense a decent chunk of hp probably helps more than a small amount of extra damage.

If you’re low on pearls or are planning to build up the second perch for a move to a long kill it’s especially sensible to save the pearls and timers for that.


Well, I can use huyaku too it seems, probably will end around vanguard perch level this event.

I was contemplating putting Mehaten back on my perch because I thought my kill island became more vulnerable but I thought it was my imagination. lol However, you have confirmed my suspicion. That extra HP really does make a difference.

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That extra lil from a mythic perch comes in handy with defenders got last seasons and gig on perches and that 25% lands on a flak is really convenient when defending just an fyi.

It goes from irrelevant to irrelevant.


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