Warriors nerfed?

Has anyone else felt like Sage (and possibly other warriors) are weaker all of a sudden? I’ve noticed in the last two days (since winter rolled in) that I can’t take XP bases that I had previously been able to solo.

A couple of teammates have mentioned feeling the same way about Tarand and Kaiju.


Think it actually has more to do with the tower power increase, even though PGjared said it has been rolled back but I personally still think the tower power has increased

But I’ve only noticed in the last two days. My Sage definitely was being hit harder after that whole fiasco (and I agree–nothing seems to have rolled back), but this is a separate experience.

I have noticed a change since the last update. I posted asking about it as well. I am noticing it with hunters

I actually also felt that Gargula and Rizar were struggling a bit more than before as well…

Things have definitely changed since the new update. And I’m noticing today fire flak seems to be actually causing problems for me when paired well. (I was always able to ignore it before)

I don’t think it has anything to do with warriors. Definitely noticed changes on hunters too.

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