Warriors - which ones did you like and why

Greetings everyone,

As a preamble to a post I’m making later today/tomorrow, I’d like to ask a bit of feedback from the player community over all the levels.


  1. Which warrior dragons did you LIKE playing, and WHY?

  2. Which warrior dragons did you DISLIKE playing, and WHY?

Any feedback would be appreciated

I’ll start it off

Liked. Algor

  • The roar spell was white, and gave a significant debuff to towers that lasted through death, because of how the debuff worked, it gave his damage a boost against those towers, and had the added benefit of making him live longer, so his second spell could kick in
  • His heatshield spell is near perfect for warriors - reduces incoming damage without being cancelled by the amount of damage taken, and it heals significantly. The fact that these two are combined into a single ability - made it perfect.

Disliked. Girasol

  • This dragon had zero defenses until a blue mage got killed, and once the blue mage was dead he was already at under 40% health, sometimes even more. (Isolate)
  • His breath skill (malefic) is dependent on blue mage tower being down.
  • He had no heal mechanism whatsoever

So who did you like? Dislike? Why

Probably also worth asking what tier players were using them in. I’ve had a lot of fun with some warriors, but I’ve been using them against bad bases in lower leagues. Now hitting their limits - but suggests there’s also a difference between an enjoyable warrior and an effective one. And that’s within the definition of ‘enjoyable’ and ‘effective’ that warriors allow - I get that for better players than me, hunters far outstrip them on both counts.

Generally, I’d rather have a warrior where I have something to do. If all I’m doing is shooting and occasionally putting a shield up (Leos) that gets pretty dull pretty fast. Zamrok and Chimerak both gave me some options depending on base design (as long as that base design is sub-optimal), so it’s not quite so monotonous.

Liked- AMAROK- He had resists for all the major damage dealing towers at the time (if you equipped lightning resist on him) which allowed you to tank over a base (not necessarily destroying everything but he would just not die)
He had a shield which absorbed and dealt damage and a way to heal with cure poison. He was a BEAST from lvls 30-84 especially in the days before fire, ice and dark towers.

Disliked- DANZIG- having only ballista resist meant he just took way too much damage and vampriric touch was too expensive and not enough to keep him alive.

Love this we should do one for each class maybe? Would be good for PGPulse and PGLawson to see these suggestions (when they start coming in)

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I’m new to the game sooo I’ll just do a comparison between the two warrior divines I have which are Leos and Chimerak.

Liked: Leos is better as he doesn’t require any rage to increase his damage so meanwhile I’m wrecking the blue mage tower I’ll get a damage boost for me to destroy towers enough for me to gain rage and cast heat shield. His fire turret resist and dark flakk resist is also way more superior to Chimerak’s archer tower resist. Plus u can do something even with defenders as his passive works well with a frozen rage bar :joy:

Hmmm okay: Chimerak Does good if u can stun towers before you get rage drained plus u do have earthquake which gives u more flexibility.

Overall, I do agree that flying Leos kinda feels dull because he only has 1 active siill but idk I like him, he gives me that “warrior feel” brute force and a damn blazing shield

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Like Leos as well. Hasn’t his resistances yet though but he’s decent imo. Amarok too especially since PG buffed the amount of healing his cure poison does after research. Danzig is ok if there arent to many blue mages around. Besides those I dont use warriors often. Im only beginning gold tier so many i’ll find some others later on…

Warriors I like (currently level 260):

Skarr. At this point in the game, Skarr was extremely efficient at taking down bases. Heat Shield allowed for health to be restored whilst shielding from a portion of damage, and Spell Flux would destroy mages and deal a good amount of damage (the fact that it was a 2 rage spell was made up for with blue Sacrifice).

Algor. For me Algor is maxed and I still use him. By now he’s a bit weaker than some of the other dragons in the roster but he can still tear apart the right base. Heat Shield - same as with Skarr, it’s a good spell. The fact that Dreadful Roar is white allows for extra damage to be dealt anytime it’s needed, which makes it perfect for things like a mage drain island. Ice turret resist still is a good thing to have.

Stormheim. I know. But I like him, he is a well rounded dragon for most bases, deals damage, has shields, and is fun to fly. My favorite aspect is that he has both a blue shield and a red shield; almost as good as a white spell.

Warriors I dislike:

Zamrok. I know that a lot of people like him, but personally I am not good at piloting this dragon. He’s too rage heavy and I can’t seem to get the shield to last long enough to get rage marks.

Ursa (I don’t know if I even need to explain why here).

Warriors that were “ok” for me would be Pyrochis and Kyrule.

TL;DR - I like Moonfang, and liked a number of others at their time of relevance. Most all warriors I dislike as they failed to be useful. I follow that by some rebalancing ideas for what I think is the ideal. (Hunters should be crap at short range and great st long range and warriors should be the exact opposite)

So this is a difficult question but I wanted to take a stab at it before bed.

So. The problem is that everything is subject to change.

Right this second my favorites are Chimerak and Moonfang, but that’s mainly due to effectiveness. I like how Chimerak has faster attack and 1 rage spells. The colors of spells do also seem to theoretically add some strategy but in reality it never has for me. Moonfang does have some strategy with his feral rage, but I don’t have him maxed yet. So it’s hard to say if it’s good or not.

So when I started playing war dragons I started last fall when Skarr was new, but I didn’t bother figuring out the season page at that stage and missed out on all of the divines.

The first warrior that I enjoyed was Amarok, which admittedly was due to at the time poison was killing me right and left to the point that I had to equip cure poison on most dragons. Amarok was short lived as Tarand came out in winter.

Tarand was truely enjoyable and had strategy. I would have gone for a Hunter but snowdrop was
Ugly, and all my lineage hunters experience at that time put a bad taste in my mouth. Combine that with everyone saying Tarand is the next thing, and thats the path I went. Tarand’s strategy was all about killing just enough so that his shield would destroy the remainder. I can’t say roar was often used but when you did it was about rage management. Now on the bass I faced then it was great. But welcome to now, and no 2 rage spell could be cast after a rage drain island. (It would be cool if there was a way to pre-cast a shield). Tarand was also outgrown as he topped out in garnet.

Enter sage. At first it worked smoothly. Then issues started happening if you cast thunderstorm too early. Soon people wised up to putting blue mages on the end and it was about killing the mage and tben throwing a thunderstorm spell. To me
Sage always felt wrong. To throw thunderstorm you basically had to have sub second timing to cast it just right or it wouldn’t cast. This Always felt terrible to me. Most everyone ignored the shield because it was less useful. I mostly only used it when Rae was full and I would cast both quickly as mages would drain anything not used. I never felt there
Was strategy here. It was press thunderstorm just right and kill towers in the right Order.

Now if you ask me what a warrior SHOULD be. A warrior should be the anti-hunter. To me it’s the hammer of the dragon toolset. A well defended storm shielded island should be able to be brute forces with a warrior, but a warrior shouldn’t be able to kill an entire base solo unless it was equal powered. If you ask me, a key ability would
Be to bypass shields… but if you asked me hunters should be immune to flak as they should kill from far
Away, and warriors should be vulnerable as they should need close combat. I really don’t know how sorcers fit in. Their role is to kill by slowing down the clock, with spells giving you the ability to survive

Stop reading here if you don’t want to go off topic

In an ideal world this is what I think we should see across all classes

Range - short (flamethrower)
Damage - high at constant rate
Health - high
Movement Speed - slow
Weakness - flak (short range high damage)
Strength - bypassing shields

Range - long (can kill as far as you can see)
Damage - high for burst but medium sustained
Health - low
Movement speed - fast
Weakness - shields (as it is currently)
Strength - surgical precision at a distance

Range - medium
Damage - medium
Health - medium
Movement speed - slow
Weakness - rage loss/mages, difficulty killing high HP
Strength - infinite durability due to spells

I think the turns that force no engagement until range is short prevent Hunter usefulness at range.

I think dark flak being so powerful as to allow a
Single slot to do as much damage as 3 towers allows both mages to be used without trade offs

I think resistances should be consistent for supershot and regular. And all types of towers should have a resistance. I think either hunters and sorcers should not have resistances or there should be a different percentage resisted depending on class, because only the tank should have such high resistance. Hunters should be killing at range or between cloaking and avoiding damage. Sorcers should be in shield or some other spell. Only a tank should have resistance.

I also think the shield for warriors was a good idea but there needs to be some way to pre-cast. Maybe press and hold to consume rage but not start the timer. (Instead of making the duration longer but casting early)

I was also thinking a balance mechanic could be similar to Zamorak where maybe warriors don’t use rage but something else and mage towers either impact them differently or they are immune too. Of corse something would have to hurt only warriors to make up for it. But it would make the boring base buildoits we have be weak to warriors

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Liked: Zamrok
Mystic Winds
White spell that deflects mage projectiles. Highly effective in wars, so you don’t lose rage.
_Northern Lights (Dark)
This is a blue spell, but since u don’t lose rage while killing the blue mage, after the blue mage is killed, I am invincible. Many times, Zamrok has close to zero health, but this shield keeps me driving.

Disliked: Kaiju
Disappointing Resists
Storm and Ballista Resists are in the group of worst resists.
Explosive Shield & Seething Spark
Both blue so will die if there is a high lvl blue mage. Explosive shield at this point in the game will explode in 1-2 seconds if the Dark Flak hits it. Seething Spark is okay…

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Background on my perspective: levels 325, 273, 166 actively played - have been playing since April 2015

Warriors Liked

Zamrok - divine

  • Any good warrior has the ability to increase their DPS in a significant way. For Zam that’s Super Heated Breath - a white spell.
  • Mystic winds is a great spell that allows him to do what most dragons cannot - fly past rage drain islands with his finger up.
  • A good warrior needs to be a good tank. Zam has a perfect shield with a great resist and a way to avoid pure projectiles.
  • Mostly, it’s the combination of his spells that go together, the spell kit as a whole over just one spell. This is becoming a rarity to have spells that interlock so well, and love that about Zam. His Dark Northern Lights is an invincibility shield that gives you rage (by leaving rage marks) - so you pick up those rage marks and cast the spell again while using the single cost superheated breath to take down towers being repaired. These spells can create this amazing cycle. Mystic Winds, of course, allows him to dodge all mage supershots which in turn gives him rage for Northern Lights. The colors of the spells, the abilities, everything is perfect about Zam. Best spell kit we have had on a warrior.

Algor - divine

  • Has the ability to increase his DPS with Dreadful Roar which as ticks so the damage is continual past the initial cast. While it’s not significant, it does hit multiple towers as a white spell.
  • Could tank like no one’s business - this made him so great. What were the main towers out when Algor came? Ice Turret, Fire Turret, and Archers. Wha are Algor’s resists? Archer and Ice. _Then he has heat shield which reduces damage across the board but also heals. Boom.

Skarr - divine

  • Two words: instant kill. Spell Flux on a warrior was an insane skill that was just magic to use and an absolute bitch to defend against.
  • Take my health with Sacrifice to get more rage and then more instant death yay!
  • Heat Shield to recover some damage taken from Sacrifice while reducing damage taken, then instant death again.
  • Storm resist is bad and should only be used to balance out a good spell kit…like in this case.

Fennrok - divine

  • I wasn’t going to talk about any old divines, but a warrior thread needed Fennrok, this magnificent beast. Note he came out before Ice, Fire, and Flaks.
  • Reverse projectile was an invincibility shield pretty much.
  • Explosive shield for when there was lightnings or storms.
  • Archer and Cannon Resist.
  • Slap on a lightning resist and all the defense can do is hammer because they sure as fuck weren’t going to kill you.

Stormheim - Emerald

  • Shield Blast to just run around exploding everywhere
  • Tectonic Tomb to do some more damage and give your self a little rocky shield
  • Berserk was just utter chaos and fun to use. Here, let me give up health so my rage regen and attack increases, and if I manage to destroy a tower I get health back.
  • Oh yeah, and ice resist. This was a fun, crazy guy to fly. He’s not a super strategic dragon (rather a solo type) but he was a fuck ton of fun to fly.

Warriors I didn't mind...for warriors

note, I would never rely on these dragons for war, but I would maybe use them to raid.

Hedran - Obsidian

  • Hedran has Seething Spark, which is one of my favorite warrior spells in the game. The first cast has that increase in damage while you can use the second cast to deal more damage and stun.
  • Two decent resists - archer and ice
  • However, Isolation isn’t quite balanced yet, which is unfortunate. The duration is off, the mechanics of it are sloppy to use. As the duration stands right now, this spell needs to be white.

Gloomclaw - Garnet

  • Now this dragon gets on this list here due to the strategic nature. He is the first (and last) warrior that made me think so much and gave me options. I loved that about Gloomy. He wasn’t, well, good, but he gets on this “I didn’t mind” list because of his thoughtfu, spell kit.
  • How Malefic Breath (ticking damage) ties in with doom chains (disable +more ticking health) or Devour Hope (lots of healing) was so freaking clever. Love it.
  • If Dreadful Roar would have been a Gloomy shield, I would have loved this warrior. He’s just missing the ability to really be able to tank.

Mehaten - Sapphire

  • If he didn’t die so damn fast, this would have been a killer dragon. I liked how his skill go together for usage, and wish that Daybreak also gave him some extra health or something.
  • Love the Radiance/Daybreak combo
  • Has a shield + white damage increase. Woooo! Too bad you have to be compared to Hauheset, buddy.

Scorchil - Sapphire

  • The combination of Seething Spark and Heath Shield is a lovely one.
  • Archer resist is fine, but I wish her had a viable second resist instead.
  • Solid raiding dragon.

Wariors I disliked

Abraxxas - divine

  • He could deal damage well enough with Super Heated Breath and Malefic Breath, using a white sacrifice to ensure more damage was dealt.
  • In theory he could tank okay with Fire Shield but the fact of the matter is he was a poor tank.
  • A warrior has a specific use - to tank. Without resists and with a weak shield and with a spell that sapped his health, Abraxxas was awful.

Sage - divine

  • His ability to do more damage was completely random and the damage was so spaced out that Sage can’t take down the tower that was damaged fast enough. More so, Sage cannot be used in a strategical manner following a hunter very well. Even if I had the perfect lead for sage, his damage output would either undo half the work someone else did or I just wouldn’t b able to do damage. He’s a spam dragon, not a strategical one.
  • Lethal Barrier is just a weak spell at the higher level. It can’t absorb enough damage to actually make it a viable shield, so it’s just the explosion which is a joke damage wise and costs entirely too much.
  • Now Rejuvenate has been buffed, so maybe this saves Sage. I benched him so I have tested him in action with the recent changes.
  • Even so, with the lack of a viable shield, 1 resist, weak damage output, and a heal spell that does too little over too long, Sage was more of a nuisance than a help.

Drakius - divine

  • No damage output increase. At all.
  • 1/2 resists is good (fire over lightning)
  • 1/2 spells takes life away (white sacrifice)
  • Last spell, vampiric touch, is too expensive, too difficult to use especially without a damage increase, and gives too little back.

Tarand - divine

  • His two decent (not great) resists are alright, I’ll admit (cannon, fire)
  • Intimidating roar increases his damage output, however it’s red. Eh.
  • Lethal Barrier is his downfall. This is what takes him from an “okay” dragon to a “yeah, no” dragon at a high level. It keeps him from being competitive due to the lack of control and lack of a real shield. If this was a viable shield that was on a timer rather than based on damage absorbed, he’d be significantly better especially if it remained white.

Kyrule - Emerald

  • Yay seething spark
  • Tectonic Tomb is a lovely little shield +damage
  • Rejuvenate was a way to get some health back, but I am not sure with the rebalance if it was enough.
  • Bad resist (lightning)
  • Not enough damage to run well, not enough of an ability to really tank that well.

Ursa - Garnet

  • Crappy resist, no ability to shield or tank or heal. An “offensive” warrior needs to be able to survive or deal better damage.we
  • Lol battlecry - expensive and so easily taken down.
  • He has some offensive skills there, but he just can’t survive. God awful dragon in practice.

Avalanche - Garnet

  • Seething Spark.
  • He has a shield and the ability to heal from said shield - this helps a lot. The combination of these two spells helps mid tier warriors.
  • Malefic Breath and Treb resist were the downfall. He can still fly okay, but those two spells might as well not be there.

Anapa - Sapphire

  • Two okay resists (ice and cannon)
  • No shield, no ability to heal
  • Has intimidating roar - one of my least favorite warrior spells.
  • Compared to the other dragons in this tier, just awful.

Zamrok.could give more damage than most warriors and had northern lights. And could use his white wine wall on rage drain islands.

Warrior I like:
Leos - his resists and his Lion rage makes him a great dragon to plow and take down everything, even in defended bases.

Warrior I dislike:
Sage - never liked him even though I have him expert - feeding event oblige.

Worth mentioning:
Zamrok - Mystic winds get you pass the minions island. He has the shield of a sorcerer, which is good. But still his Superheated breath is poor.


Warriors I like:


  • Two stun spells, seething spark and earthquake, and the variety in them; use seething spark in absence of blue mage, and earthquake in absence of red mage.

  • Static shield: both offence and defence. I dislike its short duration, but it dealt some damage, and can be used in combination with seething spark or earthquake.

  • Resist: archer resist is rather weak to me, but considering seething spark and earthquake can disable towers, it doesn’t need a good resist (in theory). An upgrade would be welcome; dark flak, ice turret, or fire turret resist.


  • Solid tank: ice resist is great, but archer seems rather weak. Heat shield also contributes to great defence.
  • white intimidating roar: good offensive spell. Useful to weaken structures for the next dragon.
  • overall, a true tank.


  • great offence: spell flux destroys mages by priority, followed by strongest towers (flaks/turrets). Particularly useful to set up/weaken the base/island for the next dragon.
  • overall, great spell set. There’s a balance between offence and defence.
  • not exactly a tank, but a mixture between a tank and damage dealer.

Warriors I dislike

Anapa and ursa

  • great attacking spell set
  • poor defence, particularly ursa. A warrior should always have a sort of shield/healing spell.
  • to me, they’re false tanks. Personal opinion: with those spell set, they might as well be hunters (damage dealers).

My ideal spell set for a warrior:

  • mystic winds: helps to counter mage super shots and projectiles. Helps to avoid rage drain, and saving some rage for the next attacker.
  • spell flux: to destroy mage towers, allowing the next dragon to clean up the base with its spells (or attacks)
  • elemental barrier: used to counter non-projectiles. Also heals the warrior.
  • a great resist: dark flak/ice turret/fire turret.

I strongly feel that warrior dragons become obsolete once you’re a higher level player … 132 plus…

When I first started playing WD, warriors seemed to be the preferred choice of dragon. I remember the havok I would reign with amorok but once Ettin came into my life… that was it for warriors.

I know PG has tried balancing dragon types but I still feel warriors need more buffing. I will say though that I have been extremely impressed with Moonfang, give that dragon designer a beer.

Suggestion for warriors: more health, more white spells, and longer shield times

Also, I think it would be really cool to have a 50/50 resist ability. Something that is a lower % protection but allows for two resist to be in the place of one. So a dragon in theory could have a total of 4 resist. Example- Dark/fire flak resist, ice/lightning resist, or fire/cannon. This would be perfect for a warrior, because they rely on brute force for survival.

Warriors I liked - disclaimer I had them all when they were released so can hardly be compared to nowadays:

  • Amarok: Came with 3 resists (heal poison) and could have a forth resist. So only 2 tower types could damage him flaks, fire and ice turrets didn’t exist back then.

  • Droyeuse: What a tank! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: rocked those gold tier bases like nothing else

  • Quetz: Won where Rizar failed. I.e. defended archer and lightning tower heavy bases with storm towers to gain rage

  • Scorchil: fair tank and wasn’t stoppable with 3 resists (one equipped) before new towers came - needed a cleaner but actually brawled through tough bases

  • Algor: Brutal dragon with ice resist and two more (equipped) was extremely viable before flak towers were a thing and fire turrets were nerfed.

  • Sage: Omg that combination of spells and resists. A goddess of the warriors and nearly unstoppable before the nerf and when not everyone had flaks plus nerfed fire turrets.

Dislike? All the others. No not true some were okish but I never used them often.

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Lvl 137. Playing Since July 2017
Used limited warrior.
Liked: Amarok, Hugin, Leos
Disliked: Denzing

I did not have Zamrok but I had lot of problem defending against this beast till flak on my base touched lvl 24. Always desired to have this warrior.

None coz they suck

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