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Ok so we were sitting at the top of d2. Ranked 26 and we lost a war to our good friends rulith and bam!!! 51. One war was the difference between almost d1 to sapphire 1. Won a war back to the top of d2.
This has made it so no one wants to war. I thought dropping from d1 would open the door to having good wars we could win but all it did was move us to a place where war is spoken about in a hushed voice, in a dark ally, into a cup of boxed wine, smelling of desperation and broken dreams.


I remember back in the old days when our dragons would march up hill in the snow both ways fight 2 wars a day and then come home rest for a min and fight 2 more…

Can we get some kind of separation on this… things have become stagnate. The mosquitos are hovering and the game is well, starting to become boring. Is there any way to maintain the separation of leagues with out it being so blah?


Great point and I love your writing style JJ!

@Arelyna @PGJared are there active discussions about finishing the rest of the league restructure?


@Lutrus, thanks I like people to know where I’m coming from.

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I really pushed for D2 and I really didn’t see this happening but you’re 100% correct.


Love the prose, and excellent point.

It’s tough when winning two wars is enough to put you into D1, and then, if you’re lucky, you get dropped in S2 at the end of your week in D1.

I’m not sure how to generate separation though. If we ignore the top 5 teams, the point spread between the D1 and the middle of S1 is not much at all. I too can remember my dragons pulling me to war and keeping me up all night to get those defend credits. Part of me doesn’t miss that (probably the part that has to go to work the next morning).

From what I see, PG is putting most of their resources into Atlas, and that is where you start to see a much greater level of differentiation. It’s either going to be a colossal failure or a great success. I see a lot of potential in that avenue of the game, as long as PG isn’t too heavy-handed with the monetization.

I’m not sure how the players can generate the separation and end the stagnation, short of everyone agreeing to war. The Leagues have largely settled where there are, IMO, due to two things–spending level of the teams and actual level of bases and dragons. Most D2 teams would not be successful in D1 because the “welcome wagon” would smash them back to S1 or S2, and then they would war, and get back to D2. The same is true for most S1 teams.

Granted, a few teams mix things up, and some swap places with each other every couple of weeks, but the pay-to-win nature of the game, I believe, makes this kind of stagnation almost inevitable.

Maybe another way to rank teams? But what? I think that is where the solution may lie–making the ranking more complex while maintaining transparency so it’s not easily gamed (or is easily gamed by everyone). What this looks like, I am not sure. Maybe others have some ideas.

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I agree with this but I was hoping for making war points a little less generous as I have very little insight to the solution but like may can always see the problem. In reality if I have a solution I take it straight to the support ticket but this is one of those times I’m at a loss. I don’t know how to fix this other than making war points not a 21 point spread or doing a reset every season and letting teams battle back to where they belong. That might be fun. Like king of the hill, hey dread you win this time… let’s go again. Just saying it could work

Oh… That would be brutal. Fun, but so intense. Those first couple weeks of every season, there would be no sleep.

You raise an excellent question here. I hope others have ideas. I know PG has introduced points into the event awards (both positive and negative), but I feel they have done this poorly at times. I recall an event that was one of the kind that prevents wars, and looking at the top few rewards for S1 versus the rewards for D2, and the difference was stark. If teams had not fallen where they did (in both leagues), it would have been enough from an event to move 5 teams from S1 to D2.

Things are tight in the upper middle class of War Dragons.

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I think I want to start a petition for this point reset every season. That would be crazy fun. Maybe allow teams to maintain last league prizes and tokens for 2 weeks while locations are determined. Of course some teams won’t like it but hey… dread and nmo and japaneeeeze and rr can all enjoy the climb to the top again… then we can go 3 months and say hey dread you won this time too… let’s go again


Go for it.

My wife will hate you, but it’ll be fun. :smiley:

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Kinda how most leagues work (aka battlenet)

Definitely a sign of balance issues.

I think there are a few things going on. More than a few will be quite vocal about sandbagging, and well if enough tough teams try not to be D1, this may be one things that causes part of this problem, but I think part of the problem is actually due to lack of incentive to compete.

In sapphire I see this too, but we have multiple of each sapphire tier, and the problem is hidden in the top of the top tier, and the bottom of the top tier. Lots of teams don’t war on purpose in this special zone. I was having a discussion about just this and how good a team as at defending and I was told it was no big deal when they only War every 2 weeks if that.

I also think there exists too much divergence on the same numbers, and team ranks need greater resolution. I frequently find the same circumstances cause 8-way ties for 1st in a league because we all have the same number of points. This is something that could be broken up by having rewards distributed in something like a fibbanachi sequence or adding other elements that factored in decimals. Really anything to prevent the odds of so many teams having exactly the same number of points.

I dont get the “avoid d1 at all costs” mentality. If you enjoy warring then war. If you go to d1 then you deserve to be there and there will be teams you can hang with if you want to. Yeah event team prizes will be slightly less and that goes back to finishing the restructure (which if they havent done by now, I doubt they ever will), but imo slightly less team prizes are worth it if it means you dont have to avoid an aspect of the game you enjoy (war).


I don’t have an answer for you guys on this one at the moment, but I will go try and find the answers for you. Since it’s the holidays though, it may take me a bit longer than usual.


I want to know why the restructure wasn’t finished - aka team and personal event prizes. This plays a huge factor into sandbagging.



@xJJSK2018x was ignored then will be ignored now

This is my platform to try and do the season reset every 3 months now… And they can ignore me, I’m ok with it, but will complain all the same


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