Wars and updates


I understand the whole teammates must update to join in war attk but if your whole ( or mostly ) has done the update shouldn’t the other team have to do the update before they can attk. Just sucks you can’t defend incoming attks because the other team hasn’t updated . Guess maybe best for everyone to wait till after war to update :thinking:


If they haven’t updated they can’t defend your attacks either so same same. Just make sure u have a strategy eg some players update some don’t and assign tasks.


Same issue here … the other team attacks - and we can’t defend. Don’t understand how this is possible… and an abuse of the game in my eyes


Same here with 2 wars :sweat:


In my Opinion they shouldnt allow Players with Old Version to run the game.
For example i remember my time in CoC. If there was a new update your Loading Screen told u to download the new version to play the Game.
Would be a easy Way to avoid this “Abuse”


Yes i remember redirect to appstore . This is a good idea


This is a great idea! @PGJared, @Arelyna, @pgEcho is this something you could consider, please?
Making it so people HAVE to update before continuing with the game?


Hey Guys,

There have been many threads on this topic before.

We do force people to update after about 24 hours, the reason we do not do it immediately is the rollout schedule of the app update in the app store. Some regions don’t get the update until after other regions. So this means if we blocked players from accessing until they upgrade, people in the regions without the app would be locked out of the game entirely waiting for it to show up in the app store. This 24 hour grace period ensures all regions have access to it.


While it does suck, here is my strategy for dealing with it if your team is currently in a war. Your players on defence need to be split into 2 sets. One set upgrades, the other doesn’t. For attacking, I would generally not recommend upgrading until you have done your run as you are more likely to face no defence if you don’t upgrade (just my personal experience).

No need to complain about this, find a way to use it to your advantage! Have fun!


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