Wars during events

Not sure if answered elsewhere but I can’t find it. Is it true that there are some events during which wars cannot be declared. Like all PvP events or something. And if so which events. Thanks.

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I believe wars cannot be declared during all PvP events, at least from what I’ve observed.

Wars can only be declared during breeding, feeding or fortification events up until the island appears on Wednesday for a PvP event.

Basically if there is an island, then you can’t declare.


And this suspension of wars includes treasure hunt.

Wars can end after the treasure hunt has started, but cannot be declared.

Also, if a war is declared before the island appears but starts after the treasure hunt as started, it will be prematurely stopped when the treasure hunt finishes and will not count.

The only way it would count is if the other team had less than 50 players, and your team hit 250 flames forcing the war to finish.

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If a war is going on during the treasure hunt, it will still bleed into the event. That’s why it is nice to have the event banners as white and the war banners red. The war will not be suspended. But maybe I misinterpreted your explanation. :sweat_smile:

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Really? About a year ago i stopped declaring wars right before event treasure hunt started because i thought it wouldn’t finish…lol

Good to know for next time!!! Thx!!

Yes you are incorrect about wars being prematurely stopped. All wars run their duration. It’s a pretty simple rule:

Event island is up = not able to declare
Event island is not up = able to declare


Yeah my team had a few wars declared the day before the event started but ended after the treasure hunt started. So they won’t be prematurely stopped.

I personally think it is complete crap that you can’t declare once the event island pops up for the treasure hunt starts.

You should be able to declare up to the war start time like normal. I missed declaring one by mere minutes…damn job, getting in the way of my playing time…


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